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Скачать 25 Reproducible Activities for Customer Service Excellence бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Peter Garber “25 Reproducible Activities for Customer Service Excellence"
HRD Press, Inc. | 2005-07 | ISBN: 0874258480 | 163 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

25 Reproducible Activities for Customer Service Excellence Peter Garber Make it easy for employees to provide great customer service with this collection of motivating and skill-building activities. Theres no need for a special training facility, no huge costs involved, or no prior training experience required. All you need is a group of employees who are committed to giving customers what they rightfully deserve‹excellent service. Every topic critical to customer service is addressed in five convenient parts: - Communication - Phone Power - Customer Service Skills - Customer Service Strategies - Achieving Results The fun and easy-to-use activities incorporate exercises, questionnaires, quizzes, facts, role plays, philosophies, characterizations, profiles, assessments, strategies, surveys, matrices, and other tools. Most can be completed in 15¬30 minutes. Areas covered include: - The customers first impression - Customer paradigms - Listening to the customer - Finding out who the customer really is - How rumors get started and spread - The importance of telephone greeting messages - Dealing with telephone tag € telephone communications - Understanding what the customer really wants - Characteristics of successful customer service - Customer service diseases - Developing your personal improvement plan - Personalities of potential buyers - Types of customers € customer complaints - Tips for selling your product or service - Positive and negative words - Winning and losing the customer - Logic vs. emotion in selling


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