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Скачать Glencoe Marketing Essentials, Student Edition бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Glencoe Marketing Essentials, Student Edition
Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill | 2005-04-19 | ISBN: 0078612578 | PDF | 40,81 MB

Marketing Essentials is the top selling book in marketing education because it's clear, it's comprehensive, and it gives teachers the support materials they need. This popular text has been revised to include chapters on the most current topics in marketing, including e-marketing, marketing ethics, and international and cross-cultural marketing. Your students will get a step-by-step introduction to creating marketing plans, and DECA prep activities that help students feel more confident using the skills they've learned.


Unit 1: The World of Marketing
Chapter 1: Marketing Is All Around Us
Chapter 2: The Marketing Plan

Unit 2: Economics
Chapter 3: Political and Economic Analysis
Chapter 4: Global Analysis

Unit 3: Business and Society
Chapter 5: The Free Enterprise System
Chapter 6: Legal and Ethical Issues

Unit 4: Skills for Marketing
Chapter 7: Basic Math Skills
Chapter 8: Communication Skills
Chapter 9: Technology Applications for Marketing
Chapter 10: Interpersonal Skills
Chapter 11: Management Skills

Unit 5: Selling
Chapter 12: Preparing for the Sale
Chapter 13: Initiating the Sale
Chapter 14: Presenting the Product
Chapter 15: Closing the Sale
Chapter 16: Using Math in Sales

Unit 6: Promotion
Chapter 18: Visual Merchandising and Display
Chapter 19: Advertising
Chapter 20: Print Advertisements

Unit 7: Distribution
Chapter 21: Channels of Distribution
Chapter 22: Physical Distribution
Chapter 23: Purchasing
Chapter 24: Stock Handling and Inventory Control

Unit 8: Pricing
Chapter 25: Price Planning
Chapter 26: Pricing Strategies
Chapter 27: Pricing Math

Unit 9: Marketing Information Management
Chapter 28: Marketing Research
Chapter 29: Conducting Marketing Research

Unit 10: Product and Service Management
Chapter 30: Product Planning
Chapter 31: Branding, Packaging, and Labeling
Chapter 32: Extended Product Features

Unit 11: Entrepreneurship and Finance
Chapter 33: Entrepreneurial Concepts
Chapter 34: Risk Management
Chapter 35: Developing a Business Plan
Chapter 36: Financing the Business

Unit 12: Employability and Career Development
Chapter 37: Identifying Career Opportunities
Chapter 38: Finding and Applying For a Job


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