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Скачать The Investor's Dilemma: How Mutual Funds Are Betraying Your Trust And What To Do About It бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Louis Lowenstein “The Investor's Dilemma: How Mutual Funds Are Betraying Your Trust And What To Do About It"
Wiley | 2008-03-07 | ISBN: 0470117656 | 220 pages | PDF | 1,3 Mb

Praise for The Investor's Dilemma
"Not since Graham and Dodd has an author defined investment principles as clearly as Lou Lowenstein in The Investor's Dilemma. Not only does he comprehensively dissect the ways careless and impulsive investors have been misled and cheated by self-serving fund managements, but Lowenstein names specific funds and techniques for careful investors to obtain superior results. This persuasive and extraordinarily readable book will be hugely helpful to present and prospective fund investors."
-Arthur Levitt, Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group

"Anyone involved with mutual funds-from small investors to top fund executives-should consider seriously this book's insights and message. The mutual fund industry won't like The Investor's Dilemma one bit, but when criticism comes from so thoughtful a voice as Louis Lowenstein, it merits attention."
-Don Phillips, Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc.

"Lou Lowenstein writes the truth about mutual funds, warts and all. And more: a clear-cut case for value investing, the approach that makes sense and that works, and yet is practiced by so few."
-Jean-Marie Eveillard, Portfolio Manager, First Eagle Funds

"Provides a critical, hard-hitting, and honest dissection of the mutual fund industry and what you should know before investing in a fund. Lowenstein provides a framework that you can use to identify funds and organizations that are shareholder-oriented. By following his simple checklist of selection criteria, you can minimize the risks and increase the odds of finding one of these rare funds."
-Bob Rodriguez, CEO, First Pacific Advisors, LLC

"The Investor's Dilemma is an essential read for any passive investor contemplating putting any of his or her wealth into a mutual fund. The book is not only informative, but also well written and entertaining."
-Martin J. Whitman, Portfolio Manager, Third Avenue Value Fund

"The Investor's Dilemma clearly and succinctly contrasts the owner-operator partnership form of mutual fund investing with the conflicted, but pervasive asset-gathering model. Every shareholder in the six-trillion-dollar mutual fund universe should absorb Louis Lowenstein's sagacious counsel. Bravo!"
-Mason Hawkins, Chairman and CEO of Southeastern Asset Management, Inc., advisor to institutional clients and the three Longleaf Partners Funds

"Calling on the wisdom of academics, practitioners, and even the comic strip character Pogo, Lowenstein examines the short-term pressures that doom individual investors as well as many mutual fund companies to engage in speculation instead of investing."
-Bill Nygren, Portfolio Manager, Oakmark Select Fund

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