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Скачать Profiting With Forex бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

John Jagerson, S. Wade Hansen “Profiting With Forex"
McGraw-Hill | 2006-07-12 | ISBN:0071464654 | 267 pages | PDF | 3,6 Mb

Profiting with Forex introduces investors to all the advantages of the global foreign exchange market and shows them how to capitalize on it. Readers will learn why forex is the perfect supplement to stock and bond investing; why it is unrivaled in terms of protection, profit potential, and ease of use; and how it can generate profits, whether the other markets are up of down.

Written by two leading forex experts, this complete investing resource uses basic economic principles, solid technical analysis, and lots of common sense to develop an arsenal of tools and techniques that will lead to winning results in the lucrative foreign exchange marketplace. Profiting with Forex includes everything that investors need to know about:
The many advantages of the forex market: huge market size, ease of entry, profit potential, tax incentives, 24-hour trading, no commissions, increased leverage, and guaranteed stops The basic terms of forex trading: definitions of important concepts, including "pip," "currency pair," "contract" or "lot," and more Genesis and growth of the forex market: how the forex market emerged out of a changing global financial landscape and continues to changes and adapt with that same volatile landscape Fundamental factors that shape the Forex market: the U.S. government, inflation, the U.S. stock market, China and other emerging markets, oil, and breaking news Fundamental tools for tracking Forex market changes: interest rates, Treasury International Capital Data, Consumer Price Index, S&P 500, U.S. dollar vs. Chinese yuan, balance of trade, crude oil futures, and news media Technical analysis tools and indicators for gauging market sentiment: moving averages, oscillating indicators such as, stochastics, Commodity Channel Index, Relative Strength Index, Fibonacci analysis, and others Filled with over 150 illustrations and figures, Profiting with Forex also shows investors how to combine their newly acquired knowledge of Forex fundamentals with proven trading techniques that can generate great rewards in the market.Summary: I found it wonderful !!Rating: 5If you want to really understand the forces behind the market, this book is a must for you, especially, if your knowledge is limited regarding the fundamental analysis. The authors beautifully described how different economic indicators- such as oil, inflation...etc affect the market. Technical analysis in this book is limited, however, it still very effective! I recommend this book for every beginner and every good technical-based forex trader, who wants to finally understands the fundamental analysis Summary: Good book, but don't just get one....Rating: 4I consider this a good Forex book, well rounded mentions strategies and important indicators. Warnings against too much margin. And it is not day trading like "Currency Trading for Dummies", this one is longer term. For some strange reason other Forex books won't mention any online brokerage houses, but this one will mention ten. You might want to get another currency book to comppliment this one, but not "Currency Trading for Dummies" (this one assumes you will be day trading and does not mention any brokerage houses except the ones the authors belong to.) Summary: Learning Forex? This is a good mid-level bookRating: 4If you're a relative newbie to Forex, this book will introduce you to the fast paced foreign exchange market. It glosses over many different subjects, not really going into great detail but providing just enough information for the novice to learn some new things. It covers basics like how some currencies are tied to commodities like gold and oil, and the basics of technical analysis. If you know what "Bid" and "Ask" are and what a "pip" is and are looking to learn from there, this book will be a good building block in your trading library.Summary: Ridiculous (but OK)Rating: 1These guys are a waste of time if you want direct and straight info on what the forex market is about. It is a bad book for a newbie... Instead I advice you go online (babypips dot com) and learn. It's an OK book if you want to know: 1. History of Forex 2. Some fundamental Analysis (e.g. what happens to US dollars when oil goes up) If you get it, don't waste your time reading it cover to cover, get the info (history of forex, and fundamental analysis in my opinion) you want and skip over pages trying to get you affiliated with organizations they are involved with (e.g. invest tools and some other charting reference they put in the book)Summary: Great place to start your education about trading the ForexRating: 5This book combined with their website: www.PFXgloabal.com will help anyone serious about learning what the Forex market is all about. I wish I would have started here 2 years ago. John Jagerson and Wade Hansen will teach you how to look at trading the FX market from a long term perspective combined with commonsense fundamentals and a view basic technical indicators.

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