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Скачать Point & Figure Charting: The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Thomas J. Dorsey, "Point & Figure Charting: The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices"
Wiley; 3 edition (March 30, 2007) | ISBN:0470043512 | 400 pages | PDF | 6,4 Mb

Today's investment industry is filled with a variety of new strategies that can be used to evaluate market price movements, but many of these methods never seem to deliver on what they promise. There is one approach to investment analysis, however, that has proven itself in all types of markets, and it's called Point and Figure Charting.

In the Third Edition of Point and Figure Charting, the world's top Point and Figure charting expert, Tom Dorsey returns to explain how traders and investors alike can use this classic technique-borne out of the irrefutable laws of supply and demand-to identify and capitalize on market trends. Within these pages, Dorsey describes, step-by-step, how to create, maintain, and interpret your own Point and Figure charts with regard to markets, sectors, and individual securities. He then explains how to use these findings to track and forecast market prices and develop an overall investment strategy.

Divided into three comprehensive parts, Point and Figure Charting, Third Edition Skillfully highlights many of the new developments in this field, including:
How to use Point and Figure charting with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, mutual funds, and international securities
How different relative Strength (RS) applications can provide you with great insights into where best to allocate investment dollars
How the Bullish Percent concept that is applied to the NYSE and OTC can be applied to sectors within the market
How to construct and manage a portfolio using the Point and Figure method, coupled with solid fundamental analysis.

This book also comes with a companion CD study guide. The CD contains tests and exercises that will not only solidify your understanding of the concepts presented, but also help you apply Point and Figure charting techniques to real world trading situations.

If you're looking for an investment approach that has stood the test of time-during both bull and bear markets-and is easy enough to learn, whether you're eighteen or eighty, then Point and Figure Charting, Third Edition is the book for you. Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this practical guide will help you grow your assets in any market.


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