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Скачать Leverage Competencies: What Financial Executives Need to Lead бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Frederick C. Militello Jr. / Michael D. Schwalberg, «Leverage Competencies: What Financial Executives Need to Lead»
Financial Times Prentice Hall | ISBN 0130087580 | February 19, 2002 | 256 pages | PDF | 1 Mb

From the Back Cover

How 8 world-class companies transform financial managers into outstanding business leaders.

Financial leaders can no longer succeed on financial skills alone. Today's most successful companies have discovered that "leveraged competencies"—"soft" or "leadership" skills—are even more crucial to success. Leverage Competencies is an indispensable guidebook for enterprises that want their executives to have all the emotional competencies and leadership skills they need to thrive at the very highest levels of the organization.

Drawing upon in-depth research at eight outstanding global companies, top financial consultant Frederick C. Militello, Jr. and leading executive psychologist Dr. Michael D. Schwalberg have compiled today's most promising approaches to financial leadership development. From creativity and adaptability to communications and teamwork, each of the companies they profile has found its own path—and each company's approach offers powerful insights for your enterprise.

* Unilever: Financial executive as "consigliere"
Teaching financial leaders to act as confidantes at the highest levels
* Air Products and Chemicals: Deeper personal assessments
Simulations and other creative approaches to evaluation
* Bristol-Myers Squibb: The crucial role of adaptability
Encouraging the flexibility to handle non-stop change
* W.L. Gore: Strategic vision can be taught
Making sure finance keeps its place at the decision-making table
* Synovus: Defining clear leadership models
Specifying valued behaviors-and making them central to leadership programs
* Dana: Hiring from the right environments
Hiring leaders and team players from compatible military and sports backgrounds
* Solvay Polymers: Formalized mentoring
Coaching and mentoring programs that involve the entire company
* Nortel Networks: Building on existing tools and processes
Identifying the performance dimensions most relevant to finance

Leveraging Competencies is one of a new series of books sponsored by the Financial Executives Research Foundation, a nonprofit affiliate of Financial Executives International, the preeminent professional association for senior financial executives, representing 15,000 financial executives worldwide. The Research Foundation, established in 1944, funded the research and case studies in this book.

* Building non-financial skills that are welcomed at the decision-making table
* Promoting strategic vision, innovation, and entrepreneurial drive
* Strengthening the "soft" communication and motivation skills that are crucial to success
* Helping financial managers adapt more effectively to constant change
* Propagating core corporate values throughout your leadership elite

The days of the "bean counter" are gone! But as you strive to deepen and broaden your financial leadership skills, is your company giving you the guidance you need? And if you're already a financial leader, are you successfully grooming tomorrow's leaders to meet the extraordinary challenges they'll face? Whether you're at the top or climbing the ladder, Leveraging Competencies will show you how today's best companies are helping executives strengthen the critical non-financial leadership skills that are crucial to success at the top of today's complex organizations.

Leading financial consultant Frederick C. Militello, Jr. and renowned executive leadership consultant Dr. Michael D. Schwalberg present detailed case studies from eight of the world's best companies: Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dana Corp., Nortel Networks, Solvay Polymers, Synovus Financial, Unilever-HPC, and W.L. Gore & Associates. Collectively, these case studies offer unprecedented insight into the art of transforming capable financial managers into outstanding business leaders.

"Clearly, in today's uncertain markets, companies increasingly need to look to finance to play an increased leadership role in enabling shareholder value. If you want to know what to look for in both the hiring and development of financial leaders, then this is the one book you should definitely read."





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