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Скачать Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory бесплатно

Eric Rasmusen, "Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory"
Wiley-Blackwell , 4 Ed| 2006 | ISBN: 1405136669 | 560 pages | PDF | 6,5 MB

Written in a crisp and approachable style, Games and Information uses simple modeling techniques and straightforward explanations to provide students with an understanding of game theory and information economics.
Written for introductory courses seeking a little rigor.
The 4th edition brings the material fully up-to-date and includes new end-of-chapter problems and classroom projects, as well as a math appendix.
Accompanied by a comprehensive website featuring solutions to problems and teaching notes.
Praise for the 3rd edition

"Rasmusen’s Games and Information provides wonderful coverage of the basics of game theory and information economics. His consistent style of presenting the theoretical structures lucidly unifies his test’s wide and well-chosen range of applications. I wish that all my students could take a course based on this book, and envy them the opportunity."

Maxwell B. Stinchcombe, University of Texas at Austin

"This is a terrific book bringing together two strands in the recent literature on economic theory, namely game theory and the economics of asymmetric information. The style is brisk, the arguments are rigorous and it seems to be pitched at exactly the right level."

Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge

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