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Скачать Principles of Strategic Management (Innovative Business Textbooks) бесплатно

Tony Morden "Principles of Strategic Management (Innovative Business Textbooks)"
Ashgate Pub Co | English | 2007-04-20 | ISBN: 075464474X | 450 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB

"Principles of Strategic Management" provides a comprehensive and accessible treatment of the key principles and practices of the strategic management process. It covers the whole of the strategic management process including strategic analysis, formulation, choice and implementation. Within this framework topics such as business environment, leadership, governance, enterprise management, time management, financial management, positioning, planning and decision-making are considered. The analysis encompasses the corporate, public (including health care) and non-profit sectors at both the local and global levels. The text provides a complete range of learning and teaching aids including case studies and case examples, review questions and project assignments. "Principles of Strategic Management" is the ideal choice if an accessible textbook is sought whether at undergraduate, post-experience or conversion masters level.

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