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Скачать Climate Change (Writing the Critical Essay): Lauri S. Friedman бесплатно

4 июня 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Climate Change (Writing the Critical Essay): Lauri S. Friedman
Greenhaven Press | ISBN: 0737744022 | 2009-04-17 | PDF (OCR) | 128 pages | 5.55 Mb

Foreword 5
Introduction 7
The Global Nature of Global Warming
Section One: Opposing Viewpoints on
Climate Change
Viewpoint One: Climate Change Is a
Serious Problem 13
Peter Backlund, Anthony Janetos,
and David Schimel
Viewpoint Two: Climate Change Is Not a
Serious Problem 24
Christopher Monckton
Viewpoint Three: Climate Change Is Man-Made 32
Juliet Eilperin
Viewpoint Four: Climate Change Is Not
Necessarily Man-Made 41
Dennis T. Avery
Viewpoint Five: Climate Change Will Fuel
Regional Conficts 47
German Advisory Council on Global Change
Viewpoint Six: Climate Change Will Not Fuel
Regional Conficts 57
Idean Salehyan
Section Two: Model Essays and Writing Exercises
Preface A: The Five-Paragraph Essay 66
Preface B: The Compare-and-Contrast Essay 68

Essay One: Is the Earth Warming or Cooling? 71
Exercise 1A: Create an Outline from an Existing
Essay 75
Essay Two: Climate Change Spells Disaster
for Crops 77
Exercise 2A: Create an Outline from an
Existing Essay 80
Exercise 2B: Create an Outline for Your
Own Essay 80
Essay Three: Can Renewable Energy Help
Avert Climate Change? 82
Exercise 3A: Examining Introductions and
Conclusions 88
Exercise 3B: Using Quotations to Enliven
Your Essay 89
Final Writing Challenge: Write Your Own
Compare-and-Contrast Five-Paragraph Essay 91
Section Three: Supporting Research Material
Appendix A: Facts About Climate Change 96
Appendix B: Finding and Using Sources of
Information 102
Appendix C: Using MLA Style to Create a Works
Cited List 106
Appendix D: Sample Essay Topics 109
Organizations to Contact 110
Bibliography 116
Index 122
Picture Credits 127
About the Editor 128

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