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Скачать Health Inequalities And Welfare Resources: Continuity and change in Sweden бесплатно

4 июня 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Health Inequalities And Welfare Resources: Continuity and change in Sweden (Health & Society Series) By Johan Fritzell, Olle Lundberg
Publisher: Policy Press 2007-01 | 264 Pages | ISBN: 1861347588 | PDF | 1.97 MB

This title includes a Foreword by Lisa Berkman, Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University. How welfare states influence population health and health inequalities has long been debated, but less well tested by empirical research. This book presents new empirical evidence of the effects of Swedish welfare state structures and policies on the lives of Swedish citizens. The discussion, analysis and innovative theoretical approaches developed in the book have implications for health research and policy beyond Scandinavian borders. Drawing on a rich source of longitudinal data, the Swedish Level of Living Surveys (LNU), and other data, the authors shed light on a number of pertinent issues in health inequality research, while at the same time showing how health inequalities have evolved in Sweden over several decades. Topics covered include: how structural conditions relating to family, socio-economic conditions and the welfare state are important in producing health inequalities; how health inequalities change over the lifecourse; and the impact of environment on health inequalities - at home, at school, in the workplace. "Health Inequalities And Welfare Resources" will be invaluable to researchers, students and practitioners in sociology, social epidemiology, public health and social policy interested in the interplay between society and health.

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