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Скачать Meeting the Climate Challenge: Recommendations of the Climate Change Taskforce бесплатно

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Climate Change Taskforce, Stephen Byers, Olympia Snowe "Meeting the Climate Challenge: Recommendations of the Climate Change Taskforce"
Institute for Public Policy Research | English | 2005-01-28 | ISBN: 1860302645 | 40 pages | PDF | 1 MB

The vast majority of international scientists and peer-reviewed reports affirm that climate change is a serious and growing threat, leaving no country, however wealthy, immune from the extreme weather events and rising sea levels that scientists predict will occur, unless action is taken. By reducing anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are currently being emitted into the atmosphere, we can mitigate climate change as well as have a real opportunity to enhance energy security and drive technological modernisation in both an economical and environmentally friendly way. The development of clean, climate-friendly energy technologies will provide new business opportunities and new avenues of prosperity for both developed and developing countries alike.

As the causes of climate change are global, however, the challenge can only be met with all the countries of the world working together. The politics involved are difficult, but we believe progress can be made.

To develop solutions as to how to move forward, the International Climate Change Taskforce was established by three leading think tanks – the Institute for Public Policy Research in the United Kingdom (UK), the Center for American Progress in the United States (US), and The Australia Institute. It is a unique international cross-party, cross-sector collaboration, including leaders from public service, science, business, and civil society in both developed and developing countries. The Task force's recommendations are to all governments and policymakers worldwide. They are published in the year when the UK holds the presidencies of the G8 and EU, during which the UK's Prime Minister Tony Blair has pledged to make climate change an agenda priority as one of the most serious and far-reaching challenges of the twenty-first century. It is also the year in which the Kyoto Protocol comes into force and nations start discussions on future global action on climate change.

The strength of our recommendations is that we have been able to find common ground. We have set out a pathway to engage all countries in concerted action on climate change, including those not bound by the Kyoto Protocol and major developing countries. We have not been able to consider every aspect of this complex problem, but this is not our final word. Later this year, we plan to publish a report that will further elaborate on our recommendations. We believe that our proposals can become the foundation for action and a blueprint for moving forward. The prize is precious – to bequeath to all our children a world as rich in life and opportunity as the one we inherited. But time is short. Action is required now if we are win the battle against climate change.

Title Page
The International Climate Change Taskforce
Summary of main recommendations
1. A long-term climate objective
2. A global framework for post-2012 commitments
3. Technology and trading partnerships
4. Driving a low-carbon energy future worldwide
5. Facilitating adaptation to climate change
6. Communicating climate change

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