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Скачать Protecting Your Identity - A practical guide to preventing identity theft and its damaging consequences бесплатно

7 июля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Protecting Your Identity - A practical guide to preventing identity theft and its damaging consequences
Matthew Record | ISBN: 1845282531 | PDF | 192 pages | 2008 | 2 MB

Identity theft is the UK's fastest growing crime. It affects individuals, government departments and private sector organisations and is estimated already to be costing the UK economy around GBP 2 billion per annum.With just a few of your personal details, criminals can open bank accounts, claim benefits, obtain credit cards, loans and mortgages and apply for passports and driving licences - all in your name. They can also gain access to your existing accounts and if you become a victim, you may be blacklisted by financial providers until the situation is fully resolved.Reclaiming your identity and restoring your financial status can be lengthy, time consuming and emotionally draining. Your identity is an extremely valuable commodity that should be safeguarded at all times but many people are unaware about how to fully protect themselves.This book gives thorough, practical, help and advice about how to protect your identity. It contains valuable guidance on what to do if your identity is stolen, and where to get further assistance. AUTHOR BIOG: Matthew Record is an experienced media researcher and successful author. He was driven to research the subject of identity theft to protect himself and his family from what has quickly become the UK's fastest growing crime. During his research he realised that there was not a single comprehensive source to find out about what identity theft is, how to protect yourself or what to do if you become a victim. His book seeks to address the balance by providing a comprehensive and practical guide to protecting you from identity theft and its damaging consequences.




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