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Скачать Riskgrade Your Investments: Measure Your Risk and Create Wealth: Gregory Elmiger, Steve S. Kim, Ethan Berman бесплатно

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Riskgrade Your Investments: Measure Your Risk and Create Wealth: Gregory Elmiger, Steve S. Kim, Ethan Berman
Wiley | ISBN: 0471418617 | 2002-12-27 | PDF (OCR) | 256 pages | 2.84 Mb

Do you know the risk you are taking each time you invest in a stock, bond, mutual fund, or multi-asset portfolio? The reality is that many investors take too much risk, or too little, without really knowing.

Now you can make better investment decisions by developing an investment strategy truly aligned with your tolerance for risk. RiskGrades is the first suite of risk measurement tools available to individual investors and financial advisors. A simple RiskGrade is an easy-to-use tool that permits the measurement of risk on an "apples to apples" basis across a wide spectrum of individual assets and portfolios.

In RiskGrade Your Investments, Gregory Elmiger and Steve Kim show investors what investment risk is, illustrate it conceptually, and demonstrate how to build and maintain an investment portfolio using the same tools used on Wall Street. There is no one investment portfolio that is perfect for everyone. RiskGrade Your Investments will help you develop the right portfolio for you. It will help you learn to spot risk, take control of it, and develop a wealth creation plan where risk and portfolio diversification work for, not against, you.

RiskGrade Your Investments addresses the most frequently asked questions regarding risk and its role in deciding which assets to buy, hold, or sell. Step-by-step, the authors detail how defining your investment objectives, diversifying your portfolio, staying disciplined, and using RiskGrades can help you create a profitable investment strategy that takes into account both risk and return.

The increased use of RiskGrades tools is nothing short of an investor revolution. "If you want serious analytics-and we mean institutional quality stuff you typically can get only from the big boys on Wall Street-then read on" noted Fortune about RiskGrades as a financial service. "Confident that you've minimized the risk in your portfolio? If you want to sleep better at night, get a risk assessment at RiskGrades.com."

As you learn about and master RiskGrades tools and techniques, you will see your investments in a whole new light. Return will be only half the investment equation. Markets will always be driven by fear and greed, but if you can learn to replace these two emotions with a risk-wise perspective on investing, you will become a more successful investor. RiskGrade Your Investments will show you how.

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