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Скачать The Itil V3 Factsheet Benchmark Guide бесплатно

29 августа 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Ivanka Menken, Gerard Blokdijk, Claire Engle "The ITIL V3 Factsheet Benchmark Guide: An Award-Winning ITIL Trainers Tips On Achieving ITIL V3 And ITIL Foundation Certification For ITIL Service Management, Second Edition"
Emereo Pty Ltd | English | 2009-05-27 | ISBN: 174244010X | 144 pages | PDF | 5,5 MB

New ITIL V3! Real-life use, insights and applications for all ITIL V3 processes

* 100% re-researched edition includes 5 Lifecycle phases, 19 Processes, 4 Functions, 51 Mindmaps and 29 other diagrams

* 150 hours of work poured into 144 pages of real life data for this Guide.

Known as the "ITIL V3 Encyclopedia", The Guide brings you exclusive data for all ITIL V3's 19 processes, plus implementation advice, supporting info and related processes help into one handy Guide for you.

Use the 51 MindMaps and 19 tables of ITIL data to:

* Compare your ITIL approach to your competitors' and best practice

* (Re)design your ITIL processes and activities to improve results -- based on The new extensive MindMaps

* Get more insight in the processes activities

* Convince your boss (or client) to OK your implementation ideas and budget

* Discover if the new ITIL processes and activities or other advanced tactics are worth applying for your organization

* Find out how relations between processes differ by process (lots of data.)


"Now when clients ask process or activity questions we don't have to spend hours researching relations and implications. This is an invaluable reference book." --Greer Chauvin

"Finally an excellent insight in ITIL v3's processes, activities and relations." --Manuel P. Reed

"I highly recommend this book, this is the best in its kind for your ITIL V3 initiatives/rollouts." --Harry Santiago

"This book delivered exactly, and more, what it promised. We got extensive insight into the ITIL V3 processes, activities and their relationships from this title. Something we have ONLY been able to retrieve from this book and nowhere else." --Victor K. Burgoyne

"This book is unique in its offer: the Mindmaps, the added ITIL process information is invaluable, and the book is set up and laid out in a way that makes it easy to navigate and supports us in considering which ITIL move we need to make next in order to gain maximum benefit and momentum form ITIL v3." --Thomas Evans "I take it into bed for night time reading (I love this stuff!) and mark it up with a highlighter and sticky notes. The Art of Service's reports are always so well edited & organized. My ITIL advice? Run, don't walk, and order your copy today. This may be the best investment you make in preparation for adopting ITIL and researching ITIL V3 products or services." --Erskine Maclagan

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