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Скачать The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth бесплатно

25 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Lowell Miller, "The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth"
Print Project | 2006 | ISBN: 0965175081 | 265 pages | PDF | 2,6 MB

This witty guide advises readers to stop playing the stock market or listening to television gurus and instead put their money into dividend-paying, moderate-growth companies that offer consistent returns and minimum risk. Citing statistics that show companies initiating and raising dividends at the fastest rate in 30 years, this analysis declares once-stodgy dividends to be "the next new thing" and provides simple rules for choosing the best stocks, using traditional evaluation tools, reinvesting dividends, comparing stocks and bonds, and building a portfolio. Technical aspects of the stock market are explained in the final pages that include two new chapters and revised statistics as well as academic studies, historic back-tests, examples of real-time performance, and a list of resources for further research.

Summary: very good book for beginning investors or more experienced traders
Rating: 5

The author, Mr. Lowell Miller, discusses the power of compounded dividend reinvestment of common stocks. This investment strategy is great for beginning investors and more experienced traders alike. It is hard to go wrong with this book as a first investment book. The author also discusses fundamental analysis, which is the skill of determining how healthy a company is.

Summary: You Will Multiply Your Wealth Many Times Over
Rating: 5

Professional money manager Lowell Miller unlocks the secrets of long-term investment success in a simple and understandable rule-based format. Bill Gurner, President, Sector Capital Management wrote that "investors will miss the boat if they don't read "The Single Best Investment"". William Hester, Bloomberg Personal Finance Senior Market Editor wrote that Lowell Miller will show "you how to find high-quality dividend-paying stocks that will safely increase your wealth". The single best investment is a select group of high-quality, moderate growth companies that offer consistent returns, minimal fundamental risk, and less volatility than the market average. This book shows you exactly how professional portfolio manager Lowell Miller goes about selecting stocks that can provide high income and outperform the market averages over the broad time frames that true investors seek. In this approach, there is no need to time the market, no need to uncover "the best" mutual fund, no need to find a market guru to follow, no need to master the intricacies of a corporate balance sheet. Miller reduces the problem to a simple set of rules that any investor can follow. This book will guide you with simple rules so that you can create your own private "compounding machine", one that will multiply your net worth again and again over the years. You will learn what the consistent top-performing professionals have always known: Dividends and their reinvestments are the key to the kingdom. Digest this book and you will multiply your wealth many times over.

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