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Скачать Value-Based Power Trading: Using the Overlay Demand Curve to Pinpoint Trends & Predict Market Turns бесплатно

26 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Value-Based Power Trading: Using the Overlay Demand Curve to Pinpoint Trends & Predict Market Turns
By Donald L. Jones

Publisher: Probus Professional Pub | 240 pages | 1993-07 | ISBN: 1557384495 | English | PDF | 10.45 MB

Market Profile™ continues to revolutionize futures market analysis. By organizing price and time into a usable format, the Market Profile™ provides extraordianry insights into the dynamics of the marketplace. Indeed, through the prism of the profile, many traders feel they can actually "read" the market.

Unfortunately, the process of translating Market Profile™ analysis into profitable trades has been difficult for many traders—at least until now. Value-Based Power Trading brings to life the dormant potential of the Market Profile™, providing traders with an explicit, rule-based system that utilizes the insights afforded by the profile to generate consistently profitable trading signals.

In this important new book, Donald Jones demonstrates how his patented Overlay Demand Curve™ integrates data into a "super profile" which identifies the market's structure and condition. The "super profile" shows what the market's principal players are doing, where value exists, and provides traders with the ability to interpret market behavior as it unfolds.

Joes explains how to spot critical "reference points" that define the market's long-term condition. Once the reference points are clear, a trader can plot strategy in an objective, unambiguous manner.

Unlike previous books on the Market Profile™, Value-Based Power Trading explains how to analyze the market from both a long-term and short-term perspective. It shows how to recognize market turning points and it provides traders with precise strategies to profit from major market moves.

Jones provides systems for day trading, brekout trading and responsive trading. He shows how to choose the right strategy for any given market situation. Most importantly, he proves the profitability of his systems by subjecting them to real-market tests. The shift from price-based, technical analysis to value-based, Market Profile™ analysis is a revolution in the making. Value-Based Power Trading may well mark a culmination of that revolution. Specific topics in this groundbreaking work include:

- How to use the Overlay Demand Curve™
- How to determine the condition of the market
- How to recognize value
- How to spot market "reference" points
- Systems for day trading and position trading




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