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Скачать The Author's Handbook бесплатно

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The Author's Handbook
University of Wisconsin Press | 2006-02-09 | ISBN: 0299214842 | 288 pages | PDF | 1 MB

"For all authors - both published and not-yet-published - The Author's Handbook offers invaluable practical tips, clear-sighted advice, and knowledgeable encouragement from two professionals who have seen just about every side of the publishing business and know it inside out. Follow these tips and you can't go wrong. The Author's Handbook is like having a guru to guide you on the path of success." - Margaret George, author of historical novels including Mary Called Magdalene "Whether you have finished your book or are just about to embark on a literary journey, this book will be a helpful guide." - The Catholic Journalist"

Product Description Providing essential guidance for both aspiring and experienced authors, the second edition of "The Author's Handbook" is a valuable resource for writers of all levels. Extensively updated and expanded to account for significant changes in the publishing industry, "The Author's Handbook" outlines effective techniques to develop marketable book ideas, research those ideas, and write a manuscript - either fiction or nonfiction - for publication. The authors provide many tips on topics that include choosing a publisher, negotiating contracts, understanding legal matters, and promoting your work. With this guide, the reader will gain insight into virtually every aspect of publishing.



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