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Скачать Constantine C. Menges, "China: The Gathering Threat" бесплатно

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Constantine C. Menges, China: The Gathering Threat

Constantine C. Menges, "China: The Gathering Threat"
Thomas Nelson | ISBN: 1595550054 | 2005 | 554 pages | siPDF | 10.4 MB

In a book that is as certain to be as controversial as it is meticulously researched, a former special assistant to the president for National Security Affairs and senior official of the Central Intelligence Agency shows that the U.S. could be headed toward a nuclear face-off with communist China within four years. And it definitively reveals how China is steadily pursuing a stealthy, systematic strategy to attain geopolitical and economic dominance first in Asia and Eurasia, then possibly globally, within the next twenty. Using recently declassified documents, statements by Russian and Chinese leaders largely overlooked in the Western media, and groundbreaking analysis and investigative work, Menges explains China's plan thoroughly, exposing:
  • China's methods of economic control.
  • China's secret alliance with Russia and other anti-America nations, including North Korea.
  • China's growing military and nuclear power-over 90 ICBMs, many of them aimed at U.S. cities.
  • How China and Russia have been responsible for weaponizing terrorists bent on harming the U.S.
  • Damage caused by China's trade tactics (since 1990, we've lost 8 million jobs thanks to China trade surpluses).

1 Reform, Repression, and the New China-Russia Alliance

Part I: China
2 The First Mao Years, 1949–1965
3 The Cultural Revolution, 1965–1976
4 Soviet War Threats and the Opening of Relations with the U.S.
5 Economic Modernization and China-U.S. Relations, 1979–1986
6 Communist Hardliners Crush Political Liberalization, 1986–1989
7 China-U.S. Relations after Tiananmen, 1989–1992
8 U.S.-China Relations, 1993–2000
9 A New Congressional Approach to China

Part II: Russia
10 The Soviet Era in Overview
11 Gorbachev and the End of the USSR, 1985–1991
12 The Yeltsin Era, 1992–2000
13 The New Century with President Putin
14 U.S.-Russia Relations Since 1992

Part III: China and Russia
15 China's International Actions
16 "A Rich Country and a Strong Army": Military Modernization and Buildup
17 The New Russia/China Alliance
18 China: Stealthy Strategy toward Global Dominance

Part IV: Winning the Peace—A Comprehensive Strategy
19 Russia and China's Two-Track Policies: Destination Unknown
20 The Other Axis: China and Russia—America's Foremost Strategic Challenge
21 A Prudent and Proactive U.S. Strategy
22 Russia: Incentives for Democracy and Cooperation with the West
23 China: Realistic Engagement, Not Unconditional Engagement
24 Encouraging Democracy and Human Rights in Russia and China


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