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Скачать The Closing of the American Mind бесплатно

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The Closing of the American Mind

Allan Bloom, "The Closing of the American Mind"
Simon Schuster Trade | 1987 | Philosophy | ISBN: 0671479903 | siPDF | 400 pages | 5.4 MB

In this acclaimed number one national best-seller, one of our country's most distinguished political philosophers argues that the social/political crisis of 20th-century America is really an intellectual crisis. Allan Bloom's sweeping analysis is essential to understanding America today. It has fired the imagination of a public ripe for change.

From Publishers Weekly
Plato said that music was a barbaric art form, and Bloom, translator of Plato's Republic, charges that rock 'n' roll's sole attraction is a "barbaric appeal to sexual desire." This University of Chicago professor claims that racial segregation among today's students is largely due to the fact that "blacks have become blacks" and stick together. He brands Margaret Mead as a "sexual adventurer" whose call for cultural diversity betrayed her indifference to American ideals embodied in th Declaration of Independence. Marred by the author's biases, this jeremiad laments the decay of the humanities, the decline of the family and students' spiritual rootlessness and unconnectedness to traditions. Bloom traces what he sees as as an anti-Enlightenment attitude in our society that dates back to Rousseau. He calls for a "Great Books" educational program that would teach students the unity of the sciences, social sciences and arts.

From Library Journal
Bloom is angry about college students--tolerant of everything, they cannot appreciate the virtues of Lockean democracy and often abandon the great questions about God and man. Meanwhile, the humanities are like "a refugee camp where all the geniuses driven out of their jobs and countries . . . are idling." The reason is partly relativism in the social sciences but largely German philosophers since Nietzsche, especially Heidegger, who "put philosophy at the service of German culture." Bloom's case about the humanities and German philosophy deserves an ear, but his students from "the twenty or thirty best U.S. universities" are nothing like my recent American students, who pursue the old questions with vim and vigor. Perhaps they do not belong to Bloom's elite.


Foreword by Saul Bellow
Introduction: Our Virtue

Part One: Students

 The Clean Slate

Part Two: Nihilism, American Style

 The German Connection
 Two Revolutions and Two States of Nature
 The Self
 The Nietzscheanization of the Left or Vice Versa
 Our Ignorance

Part Three: The University

 From Socrates' Apology to Heidegger's Rektoratsrede
  Tocqueville on Democratic Intellectual Life
  The Relation Between Thought and Civil Society
  The Philosophic Experience
  The Enlightenment Transformation
  Swift's Doubts
  Rousseau's Radicalization and the German University
 The Sixties
 The Student and the University
  Liberal Education
  The Decomposition of the University
  The Disciplines

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