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Скачать Social Power and the Turkish State by Tim Jacoby бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Социология | Комментариев: 0

Social Power and the Turkish State by Tim Jacoby
Frank Cass Publishers | July 2004 | ISBN: 071468466X | PDF | 256 pages | 5.1 MB

This book focuses on the historical sociology of the Turkish state. It seeks to compare the development of the Ottoman/Turkish state with similar processes of large-scale historical change in Europe identified by Michael Mann in The Sources of Social Power. In this, Mann developed an historical model based on four overlapping power networks (political, ideological, economic and military). Having spent the first chapter giving an account of Mann's analysis, the text relates each of these networks to developmental patterns apparent in Turkey before concluding with an explanation of the main areas of continuity and change and a critical consideration of Mann's rubric.

In this way, the book analyses the process of state-building which has occurred in Turkey from the changes developed during the Ottoman Empire to the organization of the modern-day government. It focuses on issues concerning the state's relationship with civil society, particularly those that arise from the interaction between the Turkish majority and non-Turkish minorities. It traces the contours of Turkey's 'modernization' with the intention of formulating a fresh way to approach state development in country on the global economic periphery, particularly those attempting to effect closer ties with Northern markets. It also highlights matters of social changes pertinent to states grappling with issues relating to political Islam, minority identities and irredentist dissent.


Acknowledgements viii
Foreword ix
List of Abbreviations xi
List of Tables and Figures xiii

Introduction 1

1 Social Power and Historical Sociology 5

2 The Politics of Empire 29

3 The Ideology of Modernism 60

4 The Economics of Liberalisation 93

5 The Military/Industrial Complex 127

Conclusion 165

Bibliography 183
Index 221

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