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Скачать Rowan Riley. "Manufacturing and Transportation (Top Careers in Two Years)" бесплатно

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Rowan Riley. "Manufacturing and Transportation (Top Careers in Two Years)"
Ferguson Publ., Infobase Publ. | 2008 | ISBN: 00816069050 | 147 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

A four-year degree is not always necessary for students looking to pursue a career in manufacturing and transportation. "This book covers many popular careers in the field for students with an associate's degree, comparable certification, and work/life experience.Job profiles include: Aerospace technician, Air traffic controller, Aircraft mechanic, Chemical technician, Distribution manager, Dock supervisor, Laser technician, Machinist, Quality manager, and, Robotics technician.

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1 Quality Manager
2 Distribution Manager
3 Aerospace Technician
4 Aircraft Mechanic
5 Dock Supervisor
6 Air Traffic Controller
7 Machinist
8 Robotics Technician
9 Chemical Technician
10 Laser Technician
11 Microelectronics Technician
12 Plastics Technician
Appendix A: Tools for Career Success
Appendix B: Financial Aid

How to Use This Book
This book, part of the Top Careers in Two Years series, highlights indemand careers for readers considering a two-year degree program—either straight out of high school or after working a job that does not require advanced education.

The focus throughout is on the fastest-growing jobs with the best potential for advancement in the field. Readers learn about future prospects while discovering jobs they may never have heard of.
An associate’s degree can be a powerful tool in launching a career. This book tells you how to use it to your advantage, explore job opportunities,
and find local degree programs that meet your needs.
Each provides the essential information needed to find not just a job but a career that fits your particular skills and interests. All s
include the following features:

$ “Vital Statistics” provides crucial information at a glance, such as salary range, employment prospects, education or training needed, and work environment.
$ Discussion of salary and wages notes hourly versus salaried situations as well as potential benefits. Salary ranges take into account regional differences across the United States.
$ “Keys to Success” is a checklist of personal skills and interests needed to thrive in the career.
$ “A Typical Day at Work” describes what to expect at a typical day on the job.
$ “Two-Year Training” lays out the value of an associate’s degree for that career and what you can expect to learn.
$ “What to Look For in a School” provides questions to ask and factors to keep in mind when selecting a two-year program.
$ “The Future”discusses prospects for the career going forward.
$ “Interview with a Professional”
$ “Job Seeking Tips” offers suggestions on how to meet and work with people in the field, including how to get an internship or apprenticeship.
$ “Career Connections” lists Web addresses of trade organizations providing more information about the career.
$ “Associate’s Degree Programs” provides a sampling of some of the better-known two-year schools.
$ “Financial Aid” provides career-specific resources for financial aid.
$ “Related Careers” lists similar related careers to consider.


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