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Скачать Studies on Turkish Politics and Society: Selected Articles and Essays by Kemal H. Karpat бесплатно

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Studies on Turkish Politics and Society: Selected Articles and Essays by Kemal H. Karpat
Brill Academic Publishers | January 2004 | ISBN: 9004133224 | PDF | 747 pages | 5.3 MB

This book, published as part of Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia series, comprises a collection of articles and essays published in a variety of journals during the past decades, which seek to identify and analyze the main factors in Turkish politics. Political parties, military interventions, international relations and cultural developments are given wide coverage alongside studies on literature.


Copyrights and Permissions vii

Introduction 1

PART ONE Politics

Political Developments in Turkey, 1950–70 33
The Turkish Elections of 1957 71
Domestic Politics 104
Recent Political Developments in Turkey and their Social Background 148
Reflections on the Social Background of the Turkish Revolution of 1960 172
The Evolution of the Turkish Political System and the Changing Meaning of Modernity, Secularism and Islam (1876–1945) 201
The Military and Politics in Turkey, 1960–64: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of a Revolution 232
Turkish Democracy at Impasse: Ideology, Party Politics and the Third Military Intervention 272
The Turkish Left 337
Military Interventions: Army-Civilian Relations in Turkey Before and After 1980 353
Socialism and the Labor Party of Turkey 378

PART TWO Literature

The Impact of the People’s Houses on the Development of Communication in Turkey (1931–1951) 401
mer Seyfeddin and the Transformation of Turkish Thought 418
A Language in Search of a Nation: Turkish in the Nation-State 435
Social Environment and Literature: The Reflection of the Young Turk Era (1908–1918) in the Literary Work of mer Seyfeddin (1884–1920) 466
Contemporary Turkish Literature 491

PART THREE Foreign Affairs

Turkish Foreign Policy: Some Introductory Remarks 509
The Muslim Minority in the Balkans 523
The Role of Turkey and Iran in Incorporating the Former Soviet Republics into the World System 543
The Roots of Kazakh Nationalism: Ethnicity, Islam or Land? 580
The Turks in America 612
The Civil Rights of the Muslims of the Balkans 639
The Turks of Bulgaria: The Struggle for National-Religious Survival of a Muslim Minority 661
The Sociopolitical Environment Conditioning the Foreign Policy of the Central Asian States 693


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