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Скачать U.S. Presidents and Foreign Policy: From 1789 to the Present бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Социология | Комментариев: 0

Cathal Nolan, Carl Hodge, "U.S. Presidents and Foreign Policy"
Publisher: ABC-CLIO | 2006-12-13 | ISBN 1851097902 | PDF | 474 pages | 8.3 MB

Has foreign policy, a driving force in today's political scene, always been so strong an element of American government? In the early, more isolated days of the nation, how much did foreign policy matter? This new reference source helps provide the answers to these and other similar questions. The biographical information given for the contributors shows appropriate academic credentials for this undertaking. The information is arranged chronologically, with a section for every president. Each section begins with some biographical and political information about the particular president and then goes on to describe the major foreign challenges faced by his administration. The section ends with a chronology of important foreign-policy events and a bibliography. Although each entry follows a pattern, the entries vary considerably in length; presidents who served longer or faced major wars obviously require more description. The signed entries themselves are clearly written and are occasionally supplemented by maps or other illustrations. Following the entries are a collection of 20 primary document selections, an overall chronology of foreign policy, and a comprehensive index. Although this information is likely to be available in other sources, there is much benefit to having it all contained in one place. Comparisons that might otherwise be time-consuming are very easy. Browsing in this volume makes it clear that every administration faced policy decisions involving foreign powers. It is fascinating to find that in the early administrations, like those of James Madison and James Monroe, relations with Native Americans were part of foreign policy. In later administrations, relations with Texas were treated in the same way. The entry on George W. Bush ends with 2002, which somewhat dates this volume, though its value lies in its historical focus rather than currency. Collections that have a focus in American history and policy will want to strongly consider this volume. Although it is probably not essential, its unique perspective makes it highly desirable. Hoover, Danise


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