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Скачать De Bono's Thinking Course бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Социология | Комментариев: 0

Edward De Bono, "De Bono's Thinking Course"
Facts on File; | ISBN:0816031789 | 208 pages | PDF | 4 Mb

Rhodes scholar, founder of the International Creative Forum, originator of the concept of "lateral thinking," and well-known provider of corporate workshops on thinking, de Bono here provides the essence of his teachings and writings (repeatedly referred to throughout this volume) for those who cannot attend those pricey sessions. De Bono does not equate intelligence with thinking ability, and he believes that good thinkers can be created by use of the tools ("attention directing devices") he has created. Don't be put off by the acronyms for the tools; they are all part of de Bono's methodology, and frequent exercises are given to provide facility in using them. De Bono includes illustrations (unseen) that should help to elucidate the text and even a chapter on how to start a thinking club. Both public and academic libraries looking for an accessible title on thinking should consider this self-help course. Libraries that hold some of de Bono's many, many other books (from New Think, LJ 1/15/69 to Power of Focused Thinking, LJ 11/15/91) may also want to consider it. Although there may not be much really new here, it does condense his thinking into a single volume.
Scott Johnson, Meridian Community Coll. Lib.,


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