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Скачать Essentials of International Relations, Second Edition (The Norton Series in World Politics) бесплатно

Karen Mingst "Essentials of International Relations, Second Edition (The Norton Series in World Politics)"
W. W. Norton & Company | 2001-08 | ISBN: 0393977226 | 314 pages | PDF | 35 MB

Adopted at over 200 colleges and universities in the First Edition, Essentials of International Relations covers the field's central topics and offers professors the freedom to supplement their courses with additional books from The Norton Series in World Politics. The Second Edition features a new chapter on globalizing issues that addresses scarcity of resources, growing populations, and cross-cultural ethics. In addition, all of the material has been reconsidered and refined based on extensive input from professors and now includes alternative perspectives on international relations such as feminism and constructivism. An impressive ancillary package includes free access to the IR Websource and a test bank for instructors. With its brief but authoritative coverage, outstanding supporting materials, and attractive package options, Essentials of International Relations provides students with the analytic tools they need for study in this dynamic field.

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