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Скачать American Global Strategy And the War on Terrorism бесплатно

American Global Strategy And the War on Terrorism by Hall Gardner
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing | Number Of Pages: 231 | Publication Date: 2005-09-30 | ISBN-10: 0754645126 | PDF | 1 Mb

Contemporary international events, and indeed even the US presidential election, demonstrate the continuing need for debate and discourse over the direction and emphases of US foreign policy. American Global Strategy and the War on Terrorism, addresses a wide range of themes that are crucial to understanding the post-11 September, 2001 crisis and to formulating an effective American and global foreign and security policy to deal with that crisis. Hall Gardner seeks to re-conceptualize the 'war on terrorism' and to analyze the nature of American domestic and international policy-making within the context of historical and structural constraints upon US policy. The book contends that US strategy needs to shift gears and work more diligently to minimize the risks of even wider regional conflicts, possibly involving major powers, through engaging in truly multilateral strategies and through 'strengthening' the UN. This study should be read by contemporary policy makers and scholars of foreign policy.


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