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Скачать British Intelligence in the Second World War - Volume 01 - By Hinsley, F. H. бесплатно

British Intelligence in the Second World War - Volume 01 - By Hinsley, F. H
Publisher: HMSO | Date: 1979 | ASIN: B001BYGSC8 | Pages: 600 | siPDF in RAR | 35 mb

"This book is essential for a full understanding of the role of British Intelligence in the war and its influence on strategy and operations." The Cryptogram

Product Description
British Intelligence in the Second World War^R provides the only reliable account yet published of the key role played by British Intelligence in Allied strategy and operations in the Second World War. No such account could have been written without the unrestricted access that was afforded to Professor Hinsley and his colleagues to the full range of British government intelligence records and to political and military archives of the war and the interwar years.

Scanned into a fully searchable & bookmarked siPDF by me, MadMaxAU :-)

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[35 mb]



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