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Скачать Health Policy and Politics бесплатно

Health Policy and Politics
Publisher: Ashgate | ISBN: 0754670643 | edition 2007-12-21 | PDF | 206 pages | 1 mb

What is the relationship between politics and health policy in the uk how are the interests of the medical profession, civil society and the state weighed and balanced in the making of health policy.The politics of health have been characterized as emerging from a triangle of intersecting forces between the medical profession, civil society and the state. These three are not, however, the only players on the field. Health policy is influenced by a wide variety of national and international sources, by interprofessional struggles and critique, and by the activities of non-governmental groups such as patients, patient-user groups, the media and the pharmaceutical industry.This book offers a sophisticated critical analysis of policy making in the National Health Service. The authorial team comprises established academics who been actively involved in both research and policy-making in this field. They look first at the 'macro' level of policy-making at governmental level, and then turn their attention to professional institutional relationships and struggles, and interpersonal decision-making and power relations within small organizations and departments.The volume is unique in the variety of perspectives and topics covered - from the challenges of developing a service culture in health care and the increasingly consumerist attitude to health provision, to the impact of the EU on British health policy. It will be required reading for those teaching and studying on a range of courses in health, social care and public policy, and for health professionals within the NHS.

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