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Скачать The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East бесплатно

Martin Sieff , "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East"
Regnery Publishing (January 28, 2008) | ISBN-10: 1596980516 | 230 Pages | PDF | 61,2 MB

In this informative, iconoclastic book, veteran foreign correspondent Martin Sieff offers a jaw-dropping survey of the history and politics of a region that people know surprisingly little about--even though it's never off the front pages of the morning papers.

In The Politically Incorrect Guide„ to the Middle East you'll learn:

Why Islamic fundamentalism isn't ancient--making it more dangerous;

Why the Saudis are part of the solution, not the problem;

Why democracy and a Marshall Plan for the Middle East would only make things worse;

Why Arab-Israeli peace is impossible; and

Why we'll miss the old Arab dictators when they're gone--because the alternative is Islamic fundamentalism

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