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Скачать Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe бесплатно

29 июня 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Социология | Комментариев: 0

Pamela Kilpadi "Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe"
Open Society Institute | English | 2007-03-20 | ISBN: 1891385526 | 203 pages | PDF | 9,6 MB

Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe offers a refreshing new look at the complex interplay between religion, nationalism and expansionism in an increasingly globalized world, as revealed by a new generation of open society leaders working to build a more tolerant Europe. Each chapter -- focusing on Western Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, Turkey, Central Europe, and the Balkans -- includes several essays by authors involved in the dynamic policymaking processes transforming their countries. The authors have not only spent many years conducting field research investigating the issues presented, but have also participated actively in the democratization of their own `transition' societies. Their policy perspectives benefit from a uniquely `inside out' rather than the usual `outside in' orientation found in most English-language information about their communities. Taken as a whole, the compilation offers insightful insider stories and comparisons across countries and regions. The results are illuminating.

Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe
Title Page
About Us
What Values for Europe?
The Role of Islam in Europe: Multiple Crises
The Southern Gate to Fortress Europe
‘Reliable’ and‘Unreliable’ Peoples
Conflict in Georgia: Religion and Ethnicity
Inter-Group Relations and Conflicts in the North Caucasus
Ideology and Intolerance
Muslims in the Russian and Tatarstan Media:
Outsourcing De Facto Statehood:
Islamic Identity and the West: Is Conflict Inevitable?
Religion and Conflict:eligion and Conflict:
The Role of the Media and Local Initiatives in the Presentation of the Annan Plan in North Cyprus
Muslim Minorities and Czech Society
The Mosque Debate and Anti-Muslim Sentiment in Slovenia
Inter-ethnic Policy making for Inter-ethnic Tolerance
Islam in Southeast European Public Discourse:
Religion, Media and National Security in Albania
Stumbling Block on the Road to Democracy:
Local Governance Reform in Kosovo
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