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Скачать Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries (General History of Europe): Denys Hay бесплатно


Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries (General History of Europe): Denys Hay
Longman Pub Group | ISBN: 0582046149 | 1989-10-16 | PDF (OCR) | 500 pages | 11.42 Mb

The second edition of this highly successful textbook analyses the structure of later medieval society in Europe, identifies its main groups and their political programmes, and examines their impact on the political, economic and social history of the major European states. There are many additions and expansions in this new edition, and the important chapter on the Central Monarchies (of Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Rumania and Lithuania) has been newly contributed by Professor J M Bak of the University of British Columbia.
List of Genealogical Tables and Maps Preface Acknowledgements 1.The Sources 2. Europe at the beginning of the Fourteenth Century 3.Society and its structure: 1. The Peasants: Population trends 4.Society and its structure: 2. Clergy, Nobility, Townsmen 5.The theory and practice of government 6.Political development in Western Europe 7. Italians and Italy 8.Germany and her Northern neighbours 9.East-Central Europe 10.Eastern Europe 11.The Papal Monarchy: the church as a state 12.The bonds of religion 13.The bonds of education, literature and art 14.The bonds of trade 15The future: Europe and the world Bibliography Genealogical Tables Maps Index

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