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Скачать Engendering Governance Institutions: State, Market and Civil Society бесплатно

Smita Mishra Panda, "Engendering Governance Institutions: State, Market and Civil Society"
Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd | ISBN: 0761936084 | edition: 2008 | PDF | 360 Pages | 1,3 Mb

The focus of the book is on engendering governance institutions towards gender equality. This has gained currency over the past few years, primarily due to the lack of achievement in the desired goals of development, especially in terms of attaining gender equality and women s empowerment.
With constant transformation in the socio-economic and political systems in developing countries, particularly in India as a result of economic reforms, it becomes important to interpret the role of the multiple stakeholders in governance, namely the state, civil society and the market. By including market institutions in this debate, this book has broadened the canvas of what is meant by engendering governance.


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