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Скачать Managing Civil-Military Cooperation (Military Strategy and Operational Art) бесплатно

Managing Civil-Military Cooperation (Military Strategy and Operational Art) By Sebastiaan J.H. Rietjens and Myriame T.I.B. Bollen
Publisher: Ashgate | ISBN: 0754672816 | edition 2008 | PDF | 280 pages | 1,1 mb

The varying types of cooperation between the military and a wide range of civilian actors are addressed in this indispensable volume. It analyses civil-military cooperation in different settings such as during emergency relief operations (tsunami, earthquakes and refugee crises) and during stability and reconstruction operations such as peace support in Afghanistan and the Congo. This book contains contributions from both senior academics and practitioners such as military officers and humanitarian personnel and looks at issues such as what is to be gained by civil-military cooperation. It contains conclusions and recommendations for academics and practitioners making it a valuable read for people deployed in these operations.

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