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Скачать Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food: Exploring 'Alternatives' бесплатно

Moya Kneafsey, Lewis Holloway, Laura Venn, Rosie Cox, Helena Tuomainen, Elizabeth Dowler
"Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food: Exploring 'Alternatives'"

Berg Publishers | English | 2008-11-15 | ISBN: 184520252X, 1845202538| 224 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food presents a detailed and empirically grounded analysis of alternatives to current models of food provision. The book offers insights into the identities, motives and practices of individuals engaged in reconnecting producers, consumers and food.

Arguing for a critical revaluation of the meanings of choice and convenience, Reconnecting Consumers, Producers and Food provides evidence to support the construction of a more sustainable and equitable food system which is built on the relationships between people, communities and their environments.

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