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Скачать Runaway State-Building: Patronage Politics and Democratic Development бесплатно

Runaway State-Building: Patronage Politics and Democratic Development By Conor O'Dwyer
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press | ISBN: 0801883652 | edition 2006 | PDF | 296 pages | 1,2 mb

Here, Conor O'Dwyer introduces the phenomenon of runaway state-building as a consequence of patronage politics in underdeveloped, noncompetitive party systems. Analyzing the cases of three newly democratized nations in Eastern Europe -- Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia -- O'Dwyer argues that competition among political parties constrains patronage-led state expansion.
O'Dwyer uses democratization as a starting point, examining its effects on other aspects of political development. Focusing on the link between electoral competition and state-building, he is able to draw parallels between the problems faced by these three nations and broader historical and contemporary problems of patronage politics -- such as urban machines in nineteenth-century America and the Philippines after Marcos.

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