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Скачать Enacting Participatory Development: Theatre-based Techniques бесплатно

Julie McCarthy, Karla Galvo, "Enacting Participatory Development: Theatre-based Techniques"
Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd. | ISBN: 1844071561 | edition: 2005 | PDF | 176 Pages | 1,5 Mb

* "This is a great resource full of good experiences and ideas... I am struck by how useful it is for any facilitator... The exercises are a treasure!" -- Robert Chambers, author of "Participatory Workshops"
* An exciting handbook packed with over 130 easy-to-use exercises for engaging with people in all development contexts
* Ideal for facilitators, trainers, educators and community and development workers everywhere
Theater can play a significant role in addressing issues of power in social, political and cultural relationships and acting as a catalyst for personal and societal change. This book advocates the use of theatre in participatory development as a way for groups to discover their own goals and aspirations and to develop strategies for improving their lives based on need and experience.
Part I presents over 130 exercises designed to be used at all stages of participatory workshops ranging from initial ice-breakers and warm ups to exercises dealing with conflict resolution, power relations, issue-based work and project evaluation. Each exercise is explained in an easy-to-follow format and is followed by commentaries from experienced field practitioners. Part II contextualizes theatre for development practice within current debates on empowerment and participation, and presents case studies illustrating the diverse contexts in which theatre for development can be used.


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