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Скачать Silver Spoon Kids : How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children: Eileen Gallo, Jon J. Gallo, Kevin J. Gallo бесплатно

12 июля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Социология | Комментариев: 0

Silver Spoon Kids : How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children: Eileen Gallo, Jon J. Gallo, Kevin J. Gallo
McGraw-Hill | ISBN: 0809294370 | 2001-12-28 | PDF (OCR) | 272 pages | 6.64 Mb

A parent's guide to raising financially responsible children in an age of unprecedented wealth It is natural as parents that we want to give our children the best of everything. And in an age of unprecedented wealth and easy credit, upper- and middle-income parents can indulge that urge like never before. Yet, you have become alarmed over the impact this newfound affluence may be having on your children. You fear that through your generosity you are training your children to be greedy, selfish spendthrifts. The first parenting guide to focus exclusively on this increasingly sensitive topic, Silver Spoon Kids was coauthored by a psychotherapist who counsels people with money-related emotional problems and a lawyer specializing in estate planning. Drawing upon their experiences as members of the renowned NYU Family Wealth Institute, they tell you how to talk to kids about money, how to teach them to handle it responsibly, and how to instill in your kids a sense of giving to their communities.
Summary: Entitlement -- my pet peeve
Rating: 5
The entitlement attitude of kids these days is my biggest pet peeve, and something I wanted to avoid in my own children. ParentsDigest helped me decide on this book -- and it's been very helpful in allowing me to see the things I was doing that I never thought about that might lead my child to be spoiled entitled and selfish.
Summary: need to know, must read!!
Rating: 5
It is never to late to learn good tips on how to raise your children, furthermore this book makes you think about your own values and behaviors towards money
Summary: A wealth of knowledge on wealthy families
Rating: 4
As someone with direct experience on the topic, I read with great interest the words of the Gallo's as they thoughly covered a wide range of topics having to do with children and money. I found their advice practical and easily applicable for parents that find themselves struggling with the common questions of using allowances, learning budgeting, and consumerism. This book is an easy read and would be a helpful tool for parents who want to teach their children to handle money responsibly.
Summary: How to help your children avoid entitlement
Rating: 4
If you teach your children how to be financially responsible between the ages of 4 and 18, you have a much higher probability of having them not back at home living with you between the ages of 22 and 35.
Summary: Required Reading For Parents
Rating: 5
I was introduced to this book while attending a financial seminar concerning the transfer of money to children. I read the book and passed it on to my children to use as a guide in bringing up their children. Money should give children an advantage to become happy and productive citizens. The sudden acquisition of money without adequate training in the use of wealth can have disastrous results as witnessed by the numerous sad stories of lottery winners. This book gives parents a guide on how to introduce children into the acquisition and proper use of money at an early age. Following the authors' advice can help parents raise financially responsible children.

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