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Скачать The Cold War and After: Capitalism, Revolution and Superpower Politics (Critical Introductions to World Politics) бесплатно

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Publisher: Pluto Press | ISBN-10: 0745320953 | edition February 19, 2007 | PDF | 257 pages | 1.15 mb

The Cold War is often presented as a power struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States. Richard Saull challenges this assumption. He broadens our understanding of the defining political conflict of the twentieth century by stressing the social and ideological differences between the superpowers and how these differences conditioned their international behavior.

Saull argues that U.S.-Soviet antagonism was part of a wider conflict between capitalism and communism involving states and social forces other than the superpowers. The United States was committed to containing revolutionary movements that emerged out of uneven capitalist development. Saull not only provides a richer international history of the Cold War than has been offered by mainstream approaches, but he also explains why revolutionary domestic transformations caused international crises. Tracing the origins of resistance to American power, Saull's book provides an ideal alternative perspective on the Cold War and its end.
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