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Скачать Glenn Feldman - Politics and Religion in the White South бесплатно

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Glenn Feldman - Politics and Religion in the White South
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky | 2005-09-30 | ISBN: 0813123631 | PDF | 400 pages | 1.74 MB

Politics and Religion in the White South examines the powerful ways in which religious considerations have shaped American political discourse. Since the inception of the Republic, politics have remained a subject of lively discussion and debate. Although based on secular ideals, American government and politics have often been peppered with Christian influences. Especially in the mostly Protestant South, religion and politics have been nearly inextricable.
This collection of thirteen essays from prominent historians and political scientists, including Mark K. Bauman, Charles S. Bullock III, Natalie M. Davis, Andrew M. Manis, Mark J. Rozell, and Clyde Wilcox, explores the intersection of religion, politics, race relations, and Southern culture from post–Civil War America to the present, when the religious right has begun to exercise a profound influence on the course of American politics.
Contents: That which God hath put asunder: white Baptists, black aliens, and the southern social order, 1890-1920 / Fred Arthur Bailey -- Factionalism and ethnic politics in Atlanta: German Jews from the Civil War through the Progressive Era / Mark K. Bauman -- Home and hearth: women, the Klan, conservative religion, and traditional family values / Glenn Feldman -- Religion, race, and the Right in the South,1945-1990 / Paul Harvey -- "City mothers": Dorothy Tilly, Georgia Methodist women, and black civil rights / Andrew M. Manis -- Billy Graham, civil rights, and the changing postwar South / Steven P. Miller -- Southern Baptist clergy, the Christian Right, and political activism in the South / James L. Guth -- The religious right and electoral politics in the South / Charles S. Bullock III and Mark C. Smith -- Donald Wildmon, the American Family Association, and the theology of media activism / Ted Ownby -- The Christian Right in Virginia politics / Mark J. Rozell and Clyde Wilcox -- The Mercedes and the pine tree: modernism and traditionalism in Alabama / Natalie M. Davis -- The status quo society, the rope of religion, and the new racism / Glenn Feldman.

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