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Скачать Jack A. Spigarelli, "Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival (2nd Edition)" бесплатно

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Jack A. Spigarelli, Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival (Updated 2nd Edition)

Jack A. Spigarelli, "Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival (Updated 2nd Edition)"
Cross-Current Publishing | Updated 2nd Edition | 2002 | ISBN: 0936348070 | 320 pages | siPDF | 5.4 MB

A complete guide to emergency preparedness for our uncertain times. Virtually an encyclopedia of food storage and personal preparedness, it covers topics from exactly how to design a food storage program tailored for your particular family to growing and preserving food, storing fuel, alternate energy, emergency evacuation kits, medical and dental, surviving biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism, communications, selection of firearms and other survival tools, and preparing for earthquakes.

Dozens of detailed, expert checklists and tables with photographs and index. Extensive book and resource lists with regular and Internet addresses. An absolute must for those serious about preparing for and surviving during our dangerous times.

From the Back Cover
Will You Be Ready? We thought it couldn't happen, but it did. Now we know just how vulnerable we really are. What could be next?
  • Biochemical terrorism
  • Nuclear attack or accidents
  • Earthquakes or other natural disasters
  • Economic upheaval and civil riots
  • Crop failures and famine
This handbook will help you prepare for our uncertain times by showing how to:
  • Design a basic food-storage plan that fits your needs
  • Prepare your home for earthquakes
  • Survive nuclear attacks and accidents
  • Build your own free radiation meter
  • Put together a workable Emergency Evacuation Kit
  • Select appropriate firearms
  • Use communications so you'll know what's really going on
  • Take care of hygienic needs
  • Store fuel safely for the long-term... and much more.
This best-selling guide will help you prepare for crisis. Why wait?

"A first-class book, probably the best available."—Conrad V. Chester, civil defense expert and chief researcher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Many times I have referred to [this] book... one of the few 'normal' books on survival."—George Guillery, manufacturer of nuclear survival products

"One of the best—well reasoned and complete—guides to personal preparedness."—Bruce Tippery, Remnant Review, Texas


List of Tables

 1 Security in an Uncertain World
  We Are Dependent
  We Are Vulnerable
  Consider the Possibilities
  Dangerous Times
  Majority Unprepared
  The Prudent Prepare
  The Time Is Now
 2 Make the Commitment
  An Achievable Challenge
  Develop Your Own View
  Anticipate Consequences
  Extent Of Crisis
  What It All Costs
  How To Get The Money
 3 A Framework for Total Preparedness
  Material Provisions
  Personal Preparation
  Table 3.1 Preparedness Skills
  Financial Resources
  Table 3.2 Material Provision Priorities
  Your Master Action Plan
  Keep Track and Update
  Trial By Fire
 4 Answers to Common Questions

Food and Water Stockpiling
 5 The Fundamentals of Successful Food Storage
  Store What You Eat—Eat What You Store
  Storage Life of Foods
  Rotating Your Storage
  Inventory Control
 6 How and Where to Store
  The Storage Environment
  Storage Containers
  Storage Areas
  Local Problems
 7 The Modes of Food
  The Basics
  Canned Goods
  Retort Foods and MREs
  SAP Foods
  Dried Foods
  Dehydrated Foods
  Frozen Foods
  Fresh Foods
 8 Your Food Storage Plan
  Planning Methods
  The Perfect Plan
  Criteria for Adequate Plan
  Designing Your Own Plan
  The 7-PLUS Basic Plan
  The CUSTOM Advanced Plan
  How and Where to Buy
  Using Your Food Storage
  Test Your Plan
  Special Dietary Needs
  Household Animals
 9 Individual Storage Foods
  Fats and Oils
  Animal Proteins
  Vegetable Proteins
  Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  Concentrated Food
  Miracle Foods
  Table 9.1 Proximate Value of Food When Prorated Over 1 Year on a Daily Basis
 10 Food Preparation Equipment and Supplies
  Processing Tools
  Cooking Equipment
  Eating, Cleaning and Kitchen Supplies
  Special Needs
 11 Emergency Water Supply
  Water Storage
  Backup Sources
  Emergency Reserves

Food Production
 12 Sprouting
  Food Value of Sprouts
  Sprouting Procedure
  Amount to Store
  Table 12.1 Sprouting Guide
 13 Growing Your Own
  Fruits, Nuts, Berries And Grapes
  Field Crops
 14 Raising Your Own
  Veterinary Supplies
  Specific Animals
 15 Finding Your Own
  Wild Edible Plants
  Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

Food Preservation
 16 Cold Storage
  Storage Conditions
  Preparation and Storage
  Table 16.1 Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
  Storage Facilities
  Keeping Other Items Cool
 17 Home Canning
  Table 17.1 Comparison of Home Food Preservation Methods
 18 Home Dehydrating
  How to Dehydrate
  More Information
 19 Other Food Preservation Methods
  Salt Curing
  Smoke Curing
  Sausage Making
  Further Information

Crisis Survival
 20 Emergency Evacuation
  The Emergency Evacuation Kit (EEK)
 21 General Survival Tools
  Sharpening Tools
  Other Tools

Other Preparations
 22 Clothing and Bedding
 23 Energy Heat, Cooking and Light
  Table 23.1 Fuels
  Hot Water
  Stockpiling Fuel
  Improvised Fuel
  Producing Your Own Electricity
  Storing Electrical Energy
  Making Your Own Fuel
  Conserve What You Have
  Spare Parts
  Fire Starters
 24 Medical and Dental
 25 Sanitation and Personal Care
  Personal Care
 26 Preparing Your Home
  Repair and Upkeep
  Home Security
  Disaster Preparation
  Emergency Shelter
  Survival Home
  Table 26.1 Basic Tool Kit
  Table 26.2 Basic Supplies
  Table 26.3 Additional Woodworking Tools
  Table 26.4 Additional Blacksmithing-Metal Working Tools
  Table 26.5 Additional Masonry Tools
  Table 26.6 Additional Automotive Tools
  Table 26.7 Additional Supplies
 27 Terrorism and Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) Warfare
  Surviving Terrorism
  Assess the Risks
  Biological Terrorism
  Chemical Attacks
  Nuclear Warfare
  Other Terrorism
  Prepare Now
  Terrorist Survival Kit
  Safe Rooms and Shelters
  Nuclear Preparations
  Responding to an Attack
 28 Transportation
  Non-Motorized Transportation
 29 Communications
  Cell Phones
  The Internet
 30 Home Management
  General Functions
  Recreation and Entertainment
  Home Education

 31 Survival Library
  General References
  Cooking and Recipes
  Growing Food
  Raising Animals
  Wild Foods
  Preserving Food
  Outdoor Survival
  Clothing and Bedding
  Heat, Cooking and Light
  Medical and Dental
  Terrorism and NBC Warfare
  Survival Home
  Home Education
  The Internet
 32 Sources Directory
  Preparedness Information
  General Preparedness Products
  Homesteading Equipment
  Storage Food & Supplies
  Oxygen Absorbers
  Diatomaceous Earth
  Silica Gel & Dessicants
  Grain Mills & Mixers
  Cheese Making & Cultures
  Water Purification
  Garden & Farm Supplies
  Animal & Veterinarian Supplies
  Canning Supplies
  Firearms & Ammo
  Knives, Axes & Saws
  Military Gear
  Outdoor Clothing & Equipment
  Clothing & Bedding Kits
  Leather Goods
  Bullet-Proof Vests & Body Armor
  James Washer
  Wood/Coal Heating
  Fuel Preservatives
  Non-Electric Refrigerators/Freezers
  Alternative Energy
  Earthquake Protection
  Nuclear Protection
  Off-Road Trailer
  Radio Equipment & Supplies
  Shortwave Listening Web Sites
  Training Courses


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