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Скачать Ross Gregory - Cold War America, 1946 to 1990 (Almanacs of American Life) бесплатно

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Ross Gregory - Cold War America, 1946 to 1990 (Almanacs of American Life)
Facts on File | 2002 | ISBN: 0816038686 | Pages: 512 | PDF | 12.2 MB

Examining a time of immense change that called into question some of the most accepted and honored standards, principles, and institutions in the United States, this new volume in the Almanacs of American Life series provides a detailed look at everyday life during the second half of the 20thcentury. Cold War America chronicles all aspects of society during this tumultuous era: changes in the economy, from banking and finance to prices and inflation; trends in entertainment, from popular music to college sports; politics, from policy to scandal; the telecommunications revolution, from the post office to the internet; and much more. Tables provide detailed statistics and information on such things as Academy Award[registered] winners, per capita amount of meat consumed, average cost of college tuition, Vietnam casualties, blizzards, and methods of birth control. Excerpts from important documents of the time include the Twenty-second through Twenty-eighth Amendments to the Constitution; Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas; President Elsenhower's explanation of the origins of the Domino Theory; JFK's inaugural address; and Roe v. Wade. This thorough compilation of information on American life covers the major events of the forty-five year period that was the cold war.

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