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Скачать Human Factors and Behavioural Safety бесплатно

Human Factors and Behavioural Safety
Human Factors and Behavioural Safety By Jeremy Stranks
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann 2007-05 | 504 Pages | ISBN: 0750681551 | PDF | 1.7 MB

Accidents and cases of occupational ill-health are commonly associated with aspects of human behaviour and the potential for human error. Human Factors and Behavioural Safety is not written for psychologists, but instead gives health and safety professionals and students a broad overview of human factors and those aspects of human behaviour which have a direct effect on health and safety performance within organisations.

Particular attention is paid to:
* the role of the organisation in promoting safe behaviour
* the sensory and perceptual processes of people
* behavioural factors, such as attitude, motivation and personality
* the process of attitude change
* theories of personal risk taking and accident * the importance of good communication, change management and stress management

* Covers the general principles of these inter-related subjects in one affordable volume
* Written for a wide variety of vocational and academic health and safety courses as well as health and safety professionals, safety representatives, HR managers, management consultants, directors and senior managers
* Includes checklists, key point summaries, a glossary and further reading recommendations


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