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Скачать The Five in a Row Cookbook бесплатно

The Five in a Row CookbookJane C. Lambert
“The Five in a Row Cookbook"
Five in a Row Publishing | 2000
ISBN: 1888659114
160 pages
PDF | 5,3 MB

This book has been a delight to create. If you have just half as much fun exploring it with your children as we had in creating it, you're in for a wonderful experience.
There were several key objeetives in developing this project:
1. Helping children experience a wide range of cuisines.
2. Helping children enjoy the wonderful family times of cooking together with Mom in the kitchen.
3. Teaching simple principles for kitchen safety and technique through the pleasure of family cooking.
4. Helping children learn about table manners, proper table settings, etc.
5. Facilitating tye sheer pleasure of cooking as a family as you explore a wide variety of tastes and cultures.
We wanted this to be a very "interactive' experience for your children-not just a cookbook like the others on the shelf. As you can tell, each of the recipe groups was inspired by one of the stories explored in Five in a Row lessons.


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