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Скачать Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт) бесплатно

Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)Мега cборник книг для инженеров DVD№1 (358шт)

Мега cборник книг для инженеров (358шт).
Формат: pdf, djvu (в архиве rar)
Размер: 4,3 Гб

В зборнике такие разделы:
Environmental Engineering
Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Management - Project & Eng
Mechanical Analysis & Design
Mechanics & Science of Materials
Mechanics - Statics & Dynamics
Physics & Quantum Mechanics
Problems & Solutions
Shock & Vibration
Software Eng
Systems Eng

Список книг по разделам:


Lerner & Lerner - The GALE Encyclopedia of Science 3rd Ed Vol1 [Gale 2004].pdf
Lerner & Lerner - The GALE Encyclopedia of Science 3rd Ed Vol2 [Gale 2004].pdf
Lerner & Lerner - The GALE Encyclopedia of Science 3rd Ed Vol3 [Gale 2004].pdf
Lerner & Lerner - The GALE Encyclopedia of Science 3rd Ed Vol4 [Gale 2004].pdf
Lerner & Lerner - The GALE Encyclopedia of Science 3rd Ed Vol5 [Gale 2004].pdf
Lerner & Lerner - The GALE Encyclopedia of Science 3rd Ed Vol6 [Gale 2004].pdf

Environmental Engineering
Berthouex & Lewis - Statistics for Environmental Engineers 2nd Ed [CRC Press 2002].pdf
Manahan - Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry [CRC Press 2001].zip
Pankratz T. M. - Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory [CRC Press 2001].pdf

ANSYS - Method of Analysis.rtf
Belytschko - Finite Elements for Nonlinear Continua & Structures [1997].zip
Butterworth - Finite element analysis of Structural Steelwork Beam to Column Bolted Connections.pdf
Catia - Generative Assembly Structural Analysis.pdf
Catia - Generative Part Stress Analysis.pdf
Chung T.J. Computational fluid dynamics (CUP, 2002)(T)(1022s).djvu
Cook, Robert.D - Finite Element Modeling For Stress Analysis [Wiley 1995].pdf
Coupled Structural-Thermal Analysis ANSYS [Uni of Alberta].pdf
Engineering - Structural - Ansys Tutorials.zip
Finite Element Method Programming With Mathematica [Airplane Design] [Course Notes].pdf
Garcia, Steven - Fixed Grid Finite Element Analysis in Structural design and Optimisation.pdf
Hunter, P - Finite Element Method & Boundary Element Method [Course Notes 2001].pdf
Hunter, P - Finite Element Method & Boundary Element Method [Course Notes 2003].pdf
Lomax-Pulliam-Zingg - Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics [1999].pdf
Lui, Y - Finite Element Methods Lectures [Uni of Cincinnati 1998].zip
Moaveni, Saeed - Finite Element Analysis, Theory and Application with ANSYS [Prentice Hall 1999].pdf
Morgany, K & Perairez J - Unstructured Grid Finite-Element Methods For Fluid Mechanics [1997].pdf
MSC - MSC Patran MSC Nastran Preference Guide - Volume 1 - Structural Analysis [MSC].pdf
PTC Pro Engineer & Pro Mechanica Online Books.zip
Saouma,Victor E. - Matrix Structural Ananysis (with an Introduction to Finite Elements) [Course Notes 1999].pdf
Shi, Yucheng - Modeling of Structural Acoustic Interaction Using Coupled Finite Element - Boundary Element [PHD Thesis 1996].pdf
The Finite Element Method Using Matlab 2nd Ed.zip
Tutorial - Finite Element Method using Pro ENGINEER and ANSYS.pdf
Unknown Author - Tutorials In Finite Element Analysis Using MSC-Patran-Nastran [Unknown].pdf
Zienkiewicz O.C. - Finite Element Method, Vol 1+2+3, 5th Ed [Butterworth Heinmann 2000].zip
Zienkiewicz O.C.& Taylor R.L. - The Finite Element Method, Vol 2, Solid mechanics [Butterworth Heinmann 2000].pdf


Siegel-Knupfer-Saukko - Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences [Academic Press 2000].pdf

Ashrae 1997 HVAC Fundamentals Handbook.pdf
Ashrae 1999 HVAC Applications Handbook.pdf
Ashrae 2000 HVAC Systems and Equipment Handbook.pdf
ASHRAE 2001 HVAC Fundamentals handbook.ISO
Fundamentals of Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning [Course Notes AE310].pdf
Glicksman - Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings [1997].zip
Schrag, R - Controlling HVAC.pdf
Stoecker & Jones - Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 2nd Ed [McGraw Hill].pdf
US Air Force courses - HVAC.zip
US Army - Mechanical Design, HVAC TM 5-810-1 [US Army 1991].pdf
US Army - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning IV (Equipment Cooling) Ed A OD1750 [US Army].pdf

Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Hodges, P.K.B - Hydraulic Fluids [Arnold 1996].zip
US Army Course AL0926 - Basic Hydraulic Systems & Components.doc

Management - Project & Eng
10 minute guide to project management.pdf
Al-Ali - Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management Step by Step [Wiley 2003].pdf
Andersen & Vendelo - Past and Future of Information Systems [Butterworth-Heinemann 2004].pdf
Bacal - The Managers Guide To Performance Reviews [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Bangerter - Beginners Guide to Advanced Marketing [2000].pdf
Basu & Wright - Quality Beyond Six Sigma [Butterworth Heinemann 2003].pdf
Bergeron - Essentials of Knowledge Management [Wiley 2003].pdf
Briefcase Books - Six Sigma Managers [McGraw-Hill].pdf
Briefcase Books - What is Design for Six Sigma [McGraw-Hill].pdf
Calhouna-Deckro-Moore-Chrissis-Van Hove - Planning and replanning in project and production scheduling.pdf
Cannon & Cannon - Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Champlain - Auditing Information Systems 2nd Ed [Wiley 2003].pdf
Charvat - Project Management Methodologies [Wiley 2003].chm
Charvat - Project Management Nation [Wiley 2002].pdf
Chowdhury - The Power Of Six Sigma.pdf
Cooper-Grey-Raymond-Walker - Project Risk Management Guidelines Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex Procurements [Wiley 2005].pdf
Eckes - Six Sigma Team Dynamics - The Elusive Key to Project Success [Wiley 2003].pdf
Einstein, Albert - Principles Of Research.pdf
Elias & Stim - Patent Copyright And Trademark 6th Ed [Nolo 2003].chm
Engineering Statistics Handbook - Business Process Improvement [www 2002].pdf
Galitz - The Essential Guide to User Interface Design 2nd Ed [Wiley 2002].chm
Gallati - Risk Management And Capital Adequacy [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Galliers & Leidner - Strategic Information Management 3rd [Butterworth-Heinemann 2003].pdf
Gilb - The Evolutionary Project Managers Handbook [2002].pdf
Gilb, Tom - The Evolutionary Project Manager's Handbook [1997].pdf
Groff & Jones - A Consultants Guide to Enterprise Content Management [Butterworth Heinemann 2004].pdf
Gross & McInnis - Kanban Made Simple - Demystifying And Applying Toyota's Legendary Manufacturing Process [AMACOM 2003].chm
Gupta - Six Sigma Business Scorecard [Mcgraw-Hill 2004].pdf
Hall & Johnson - Integrated Project Management [Prentice Hall 2002].chm
Management - Project & EngHeerkens - Project Management [McGraw Hill 2002].pdf
Heldman - Project Management JumpStart [Sybex 2003].chm
Hughes & Cotterell - Software Project Management 2nd ed [McGraw Hill].zip
Inmon - Building The Data Warehouse 3rd Ed [Wiley 2003].pdf
James P. Lewis - Fundamentals of Project Management [Amacom 1995].pdf
Kemp & Dunbar - Budgeting For Managers [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Kerzner - Strategic Planning For Project Management Using A Project Management Maturity Model [Wiley 2001].pdf
Kimball & Ross - The Data Warehouse Toolkit 2nd Ed [Wiley 2002].pdf
Kleim & Ludin - Project Management Practitioner's Handbook [Amacom 1998].pdf
Lencioni - Death by Meeting A Leadership Fable [Wiley 2003].chm
Liker - The Toyota Way - 14 Management Principles From The World'S Greatest Manufacturer [McGraw Hill 2004].pdf
Malandro - Say It Right The First Time [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Mancini - Time Management [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Marchewka - IT Project Managment [Wiley].pdf
Michalski - Six Sigma Tool Navigator The Master Guide For Teams [Productivity Press 2003].chm
Miller - Online Rules of Successful Companies [PrenticeHall 2002].chm
NASA - Facilities Engineering Project Management Manual [NASA 1999].pdf
Nelson & Economic - The Management Bible [Wiley 2005].pdf
Newell & Marina - The Project Management Question and Answer Book [Amacom 2004].chm
Newell - Preparing for the PMP Exam [AMACOM 2002].pdf
Oakland - Statistical Process Control 5th Ed [Butterworth Heinemann 2003].pdf
Pande-Neuman-Cavanagh - The Six Sigma Way [Mcgraw Hill 2000].pdf
Phillips - PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide [McGraw Hill 2004].chm
PMBOK - Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 2000 Ed.pdf
Podesta & Paxton - 201 Killer Cover Letters [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Pyzdek - The Six Sigma Project Planner [Mcgraw Hill 2003].pdf
SAP - Enterprise Modelling, Consultants Handbook R4.6b [SAP 2000].pdf
Siciliano - Finance For The Non-Financial Manager [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Silberman - The Active Managers Tool Kit [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Thomsett - Radical Project Management [Prentice Hall 2002].chm
Thomsett - The Little Black Book of Project Management [Amacom 1990].pdf
Tinnirello - New Directions in Project Management [CRC Press 2002].pdf
Truscott - Six Sigma Continual Improvement for Businesses [Butterworth Heinemann 2003].pdf
Verzuh - The Portable MBA in Project Management [Wiley 2003].pdf
Vinal - The Extracted Mba [Mcgraw-Hill 2000].pdf
Wagter-Van Den Berg-Luijpers-Van Steenbergen - Dynamic Enterprise Architecture How to Make It Work [Wiley 2005].pdf
Webster - Accounting For Managers [McGraw Hill 2004].pdf
Wheat-Mills-Carnell - Leaning Into Six Sigma [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Wideman - PMGlossary [PMForum 2000].chm
Wiig - People Focused Knowledge Management [Butterworth-Heinemann 2004].pdf
Wysocki & McGary - Effective Project Management [Wiley 2003].chm
Management 101 The Five Functions of Management.pdf
Six Sigma in Non-Manufacturing.pdf

Bhushan - Springer Handbook of Nano-technology [Springer 2003].zip
Blodgett-Funderberk-Miller-Qunitana - Guide to Welded Steel Construction [Lincoln Arc Welding 1999].pdf
ESAB Welding Handbook 5 Ed [ESAB].pdf
Guidelines To Gas Tungsten Arc Welding [UG-215 994].pdf
Haynes & Storer - The Haynes Welding Manual [Haynes 1994].pdf
Koshal, Dal - Manufacturing Engineer'S Reference Book [Butterworth-Heinmann 1993].pdf
Krar & Gill - CNC Computer Numerical Control Programmig Basics [Industrial Press 1999].pdf
Leondes C - Computer-Aided Design Engineering and Manufacturing Vol 4 [CRC Press 2001].zip
Leondes C - Computer-Aided Design Engineering And Manufacturing Vol 5 [CRC Press 2001].pdf
Naval Construction Force - Welding Materials Handbook [US Navy 1991].zip
TC9-32 - US Army Welding Manual.pdf
TM 5-805-7 - Welding Technical Manual [US Army 1985].pdf
CNC Programming.pdf
US Army course - Welding Operations - Part I OD1651.pdf
US Army course - Welding Operations - Part II OD1654.pdf
US EPA - Lean Manufacturing And The Enviroment [US EPA].pdf

Abramowitz & Stegun - Handbook of Mathematical Functions [1970].pdf
Bredensteiner - Schaums Differential Equations Crash Course [McGraw Hill 2003].pdf
Brin, M.G. - Introduction to Differential Topology [Course Notes UNY].pdf
Cavagnaro & Haight - Dictionary of Classical & Theoretical Mathematics [CRC Press 2001].pdf
Cinlar-Vanderbei - Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis [2000].pdf
Clark D.N. - Dictionary of Analysis, Calculus and Differential Equations [CRC Press 2000].zip
Dahlberg & Kenig - Harmonic Analysis And Partial Differential Equations.pdf
Engineering Statistics Handbook [Nist Sematech 2003].pdf
Evans L.C. - Introduction to stochastic differential equations v1.2 [Berkeley lecture notes].pdf
Gibilisco - Trigonometry Demystified [Mcgraw Hill 2003].pdf
Hernandez & Weis - A First Course on Wavelets [CRC Press 1996].zip
Hoffman & Kunz - Linear Algebra [Prentice Hall 1971].pdf
Huettenmueller - Algebra Demystified [Mcgraw Hill 2003].pdf
Ito - Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Mathematics 2nd Ed [MIT Press 1993].pdf
Krantz S.G. - Dictionary of Algebra, Arithmetic and Trigonometry [CRC 2001].zip
Krantz, Steven G. - Dictionary of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Trigonometry [CRC Press 2001].pdf
Lewis-Beck, Michael S. - Understanding Regression Analysis [Sage 1986].pdf
Mathematics - Calculus Of Variations With Applications To Physics & Engineering - Robert Weinstock - Dover Publications (Djvu).djvu
Mathematics - Chapter 4 - Discrete Fourier Transform - Fast Fourier Transform.PDF
Protter, Murray H. - Basic Elements of Real Analysis [Springer 1998].pdf
Soong - Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers [Wiley 2004].pdf
Spiegel, M.R. - Handbook of Math Formulas [1968].pdf
Weisstein, Eric W - CRC Concise Encyclopedia Mathematics Vol 1 [CRC 1999].pdf
Weisstein, Eric W - CRC Concise Encyclopedia Mathematics Vol 2 [CRC 1999].pdf
Weisstein, Eric W - CRC Concise Encyclopedia Mathematics Vol 3 [CRC 1999].pdf
Weisstein, Eric W - CRC Concise Encyclopedia Mathematics Vol 4 [CRC 1999].pdf
Wrede & Spiegel - Schaums Outlines Advanced Calculus 2nd Ed [Mcgraw-Hill 2002].pdf
Zwillinger - Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae, 31st Ed [CRC Press 2003].zip

Mechanical Analysis & Design
Advances in Mechanical Ventilation.pdf
Bruhn - Analysis And Design Of Flight Vehicles Structures.pdf
CIMSteel - Design for construction [The Steel Construction Institute].pdf
Draycot T - Structural Elements Design Manual [Butterworth Heinmann 1990].pdf
Engineering and Design Liquid Process Piping [US Army Engineers Corp].pdf
FAG Bearings.zip
Hathaway, Richard B. - Mechanical Engineering Vehicle Design ME481 [Course Notes].doc
Little, R.E. - Mechanical Reliability Improvement - Probability and Statistics for Experimental Testing [Marcel Dekker 2001].pdf
McDonnel Douglas Corporation - Structural Design Manual Vol. I [McDonnel Douglas Corporation].pdf
Megson, T.H.G - Structural and Stress Analysis [Butterworth Heinmann 1996].zip
MIT Lectures - How and Why Machines Work.zip
nParmley - Illustrated Sourcebook Of Mechanical Components [McGraw Hill 2000].zip
Sandin - Robot Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Illustrated [McGraw-Hill 2003].pdf
Saouma, Victor E. - Structural Engineering, Analysis & Design I - V [Course Notes].pdf
Sclater & Chironis - Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Sourcebook 3rd ed [McGraw-Hil 2001].zip
Stachowiak & Batchelor - Engineering Tribology [Butterworth-Heinemann 2001].pdf

Mechanics & Science of Materials
Ashby, M.F & Jones, D.R.H. - Engineering Materials 1, 2nd Ed [Butterworth & Heinmann 1996].pdf
Ashby, M.F & Jones, D.R.H. - Engineering Materials 2, 2nd Ed [Butterworth & Heinmann 1998].pdf
Basu, Dipak - Dictionary of Material Science & High Energy Physics [CRC Press 2001].pdf
Chung, Deborah D.L. - Applied Materials Science [CRC 2001].pdf
Hearn E.J - Mechanics of Materials Vol 1, 3rd Ed [Butterworth Heinmann 1997].pdf
Hearn E.J - Mechanics of Materials Vol 2, 3rd Ed [Butterworth Heinmann 1997].pdf
Menard - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis-A Practical Introduction [CRC 1999].zip
MIT - Materials Science and Engineering - Mechanics of Materials [Course Notes MIT 1999].zip
MIT - Materials Science and Engineering, Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Materials [Course Notes MIT 2002].zip
Novikov - Concise Dictionary of Materials Science [CRC 1999].pdf
Sadd - Elasticity theory applications and numerics [butterworth heinemann 2004].pdf
Scheel & Fukuda - Crystal Growth Technology [Wiley 2003].zip

Mechanics - Statics & Dynamics
Goldstein, Poole & Safko - Classical Mechanics 3rd ed [Addison Wesley 2000].djvu
Harrison & Nettleton - Advanced Engineering Dynamics [Arnold 1997].pdf
Marsden & Ratiu - Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry [1998].pdf
Norbury - Elementary mechanics and thermodynamics.pdf
Norbury - Solutions manual for mechanics and thermodynamics.pdf
Pratap, Rudra & Ruina, Andy - Introduction to Statics and Dynamics [Oxford Uni Press 2000].zip
Rosu - Classical Mechanics [Los Alamos Archives 1999].pdf
Sussman-Wisdom-Mayer - Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics [MIT Press 2000].pdf

Pan-Fan-Chiang-Seng-Jian - Mechatronic Experiments Course Design - A Myoelectric Controlled Partical-Hand Prosthesis Project [IEEE 2004].pdf
Pelz G - Mechatronic Systems, Modelling And Simulation With HDLs [Wiley 2003].pdf

Physics & Quantum Mechanics
Aitchison, Hey. Gauge theories in particle physics vol 1 (IOP)(T)(406s).djvu
Arias J.M., Lozano M. (eds.) Advanced course in modern nuclear physics (Springer, LNP 581, 2001)(T)(342s).djvu
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P. Gauge theories, knots, and gravity (WS, 1994)(L)(T)(239s).djvu
Baez, Segal, Zhou. Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory (PUP, 1992)(T)(154s).djvu
Ballentine L Quantum Mechanics - A Modern Development (1998)(T)(673S).djvu
Bell J Speakable And Unspeakable In Quantum Mechanics (Cup, 1987)(K)(T)(225S).djvu
Biswas - Quantum Mechanics - Concepts and Applications [1999].pdf
Bitsadze A.V. Equations of mathematical physics (Mir, 1980)(K)(318s).djvu
Bitsatze A.V. Equations of mathematical physics (Mir, 1980)(L)(T)(159s).djvu
Brown L.S. Quantum Field Theory (CUP, 1992)(L)(T)(277s).djvu
Bueche & Hecht - College Physics Crash Course, Schaums Easy Outlines [McGraw-Hill 2000].pdf
Callan C.J. Topics in advanced quantum mechanics (Princeton lectures, 1996)(T)(189s).djvu
Cohen-Tannoudji Introduction to quantum electrodynamics.djvu
Cohen-Tannoudji.Quantum mechanics, vol.1.djvu
Cohen-Tannoudji.Quantum mechanics, vol.2.djvu
Courant-Hilbert - Methods of mathematical physics - 1.djvu
Cropper, William H. - Great physicists, From Galileo to Hawking [Oxford 2001].pdf
Crowell, Benjamin - Light and Matter Series Vol 1-5 [Crowell 2003].pdf
Crowell, Benjamin - Light and Matter Vol 6 - The modern revolutionn in physics [Crowell 2003].pdf.pdf
Debnath L., Mikusinski P. Introduction to Hilbert spaces with applications (AP, 1990)(L)(T)(261s).djvu
DeWitt. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime (PR19, 1975)(T)(63s).djvu
Dictionary of pure and applied physics (CRC, 2001)(T)(382s).djvu
Fain B. Irreversibilities in Quantum Mechanics (Kluwer, 2002)(T)(224s).djvu
Feynman - Complete Lectures on Physics Vol 1,2,3.pdf
Feynman Mathematical Formulation Of Quantum Electrodynamics (Phys Rev 80, 1950)(T)(18S).djvu
Feynman.R.P..QED,.the.strange.theory.of.light.and.matter.(Princeton,.1985)(T)(163s)[Wersja Jezykowa EN].(osloskop.net).djvu
Fitts - Principles of quantum mechanics, as applied to chemistry and chemical physics [Cambridge Uni Press 2002].pdf
Gambini R., Pullin J. Loops, knots, gauge theories and quantum gravity (CUP, 1996).djvu
Geometry, topology and physics.djvu
Gravitation and gauge fields (1999).djvu
Gravitation.. an introduction to current research (Wiley, 1962).djvu
Greiner W. Classical mechanics. Point particles and relativity (Springer, 2004)(T)(510s).djvu
Greiner W. Quantum mechanics, an introduction (4ed., Springer, 2001)(T)(512s).djvu
Greiner W., Mueller B. Quantum mechanics.. symmetries (2ed., Springer, 1994)(600dpi)(L)(T)(258s).djvu
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to electrodynamics (3ed., PH, 1999)(T)(596s).djvu
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to elementary particles (Wiley, 1987)(T)(405s).djvu
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to quantum mechanics (PH, 1995)(T)(408s).djvu
Hameka H.F. Quantum mechanics.. a conceptual approach (Wiley, 2004)(T)(204s).djvu
Hestenes D. Spacetime calculus, with applications to electrodynamics, quantum theory and gravitation (draft)(T)(73s).djvu
Hirth JP, Lothe J. Theory of Dislocations (Wiley, 1982)(T)(435s).djvu
Huang K Statistical Mechanics (2Ed , Wiley, 1987)(T)(506S).djvu
Jackson J.D. Classical electrodynamics (Wiley, 1962)(T)(656s).djvu
Kivelson, Russell (eds.). Introduction to space physics (CUP, 1995)(C)(505s).djvu
Liddle A. Introduction to modern cosmology (2ed., Wiley, 2003)(T)(189s).djvu
Lide D.R. - CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics, 84 ed [CRC Press 2004].pdf
Lide D.R. - CRC Handbook of chemistry and physics, 85 ed [CRC Press 2005].pdf
Matzner, Richard A. - Dictionary of geophysics, astrophysics, and astronomy [CRC Press 2001].pdf
Millikan RA. - A First Course In Physics.djvu
MIT Physics Lectures.zip
Moore J.H. & Spencer N.D. - Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry vols. 1-3 [IoP 2001].chm
Muga J.G., Mayato R.S., Egusquiza I.L. Time in quantum mechanics (Springer LNPm72, 2002)(T)(414s).djvu
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Norbury - Quantum Field Theory [2000].pdf
Norbury - Quantum Mechanics for Undergraduates [2000].pdf
Norbury, John W. - From Newton'S Laws To The Wheeler-Dewitt Equation [Euro Journal of Physics 1998].pdf
Oman & Oman - How To Solve Physics Problems [McGraw-Hill].pdf
Peskin and Schroeder - Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.djvu
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Physics - Photons And Atoms - Introduction To Quantum Electrodynamics.djvu
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Puri R.R. Mathematical methods of quantum optics (Springer, 2001)(T)(303s).djvu
Quantum Mechanics for Chemistry.zip
Reed Simon - Modern Mathematical Physics.djvu
Rigden - Building Blocks of Matter [McMillan 2003].pdf
Sakurai J J Modern Quantum Mechanics (Aw, 1994)(T)(513S).djvu
Saltsidis & Brinne - Physics Solutions to problems in Quantum Mechanics [1999].pdf
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Wald R.M. General relativity (1984)(T)(494s).djvu
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Weinberg S - The Quantum Theory Of Fields Vol 1 Foundations (Cup 1995)(634S).djvu
Weinberg S. Quantum field theory, vol. 3.. Supersymmetry (CUP, 2000)(L)(T)(225s).djvu
Welford W - Useful Optics(T)(76S).djvu
Wevers - Physics Formulary [1999].pdf
Wevers J.C.A. - Physics Formulary.pdf
Ziman J.M. Elements of advanced quantum theory (CUP, 1969)(L)(T)(140s).djvu
Zwiebach B. A first course in string theory(T)(369s).djvu

Problems & Solutions

Beer, Johnston & Dewolf - Mechanics Of Materials Solution Manual 3rd Ed [Unknown].pdf
Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits - solution book [McGraw Hill].pdf
Fundamentals Of Fluid Mechanics 3Rd And 4Th Edition Solution Guide.pdf
Fundamentals Of Heat And Mass Transfer Solution Manual.pdf
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer-Incropera.pdf
Hugh Jack - Mechanical Engineering Problems.pdf
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Solutions Manual (Fox, 5th ed).pdf
Jacksons Classical Electrodynamics (Solutions).pdf
Moran, M.J. & Shapiro H.N. - Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics (Solutions Manual).pdf
Nise - Control Systems Engineering, Solution Manual.zip
Norbury, John W. - Solutions Manual for Elementary Mechanics and Thermodynamics [2000].pdf
Sonntag-Borgnakke-Van Wylen - Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Solution Manual Chapters 1-9 by ml.pdf
Sonntag-Borgnakke-Van Wylen - Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Solution Manual Chapters 10-16 by ml.pdf
Sonntag-Borgnakke-Van Wylen - Solutions Manual for Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 6th Ed.pdf
Sonntag-Borgnakke-Van Wylen - Solutions Manual for Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 6th Ed.zip
Wankat & Oreovicz - Teaching Engineering.zip

Shock & Vibration
Analysis of the Vibrations of an Elastic Beam.pdf
Beards, C - Engineering vibration analysis with apllication to control systems [Arnold 1995].pdf
Beards, C - Structural Vibration Analysis & Damping [Arnold 1996].zip
Creating a Random Vibration Component Test Specification [NASA].pdf
De Buglio - Professional Sound System Design And Acoustics Manual [Jbd Accoustics].pdf
JBL Professional Sound System Design Manual Part 2.pdf
Miyamoto H.K & Taylor D. - Structural Control of Dynamic Blast Loading Using Passive Energy Dissipators [SEAOC 1999].pdf

Software Eng

Chapter of Handbook - Software Engineering [CRC Press].pdf
Yacoub, S.M. & Ammar H.H. - Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design [Addison & Wesley 2003].pdf


US Military Standards
ASME-ANSI-AWSANSI-AWS A5.1-91 - Specification for Carbon Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding.pdf
ASME-ANSI-AWSANSI-AWS A5.9-1993 - Specification for Bare Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes and Rods.pdf
ASME-ANSI-AWSASME B31.4 - 2002 - Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons And Other Liquids.pdf
ASME-ANSI-AWSASME B31.5 (1992) Refrigeration piping and heat transfer.pdf
EurocodeEurocode 3 - Design of Steel Structures 1 [DD ENV 1993-1-32001].pdf
EurocodeprEN1993-Eurocode 3 Design of steel structures Part 1-8 General - Design of joints [2002].pdf
FAAFAA - Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization [FAA 2003].pdf
US Military StandardsMIL-HDBK-17-4 - Composite Materials Handbook Vol4 [US DOD 1999].pdf
US Military StandardsMILHBK5J - Metallic Materials and Elements For Aerospace Structures [US DOD] [Superceded See MMPDS].PDF
US Military StandardsS0300-BB-MAN-010 - Underwater Cutting & Welding Manual [US Navy].pdf

Systems Eng
Adamsen, Paul B. - Frameworks for Complex System Development [CRC Press 2000].zip
Hall - Principles of Naval Weapons Systems.pdf

Annamalai, Kalwan & Puri, Ishwar K - Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering [CRC Press 2002].pdf
Cook - Mechanical Engineering Handbook - Thermodynamic Cycles [CRC Press 1998].pdf
Greiner-Neise-Stocker - Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 2nd Ed [Springer 1997].djvu
Lieb & Yngvason - A Guide to Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics [1998].pdf
Lienhard & Leinhard - Heat Transfer Textbook 3rd Ed - [Phlogiston Press 2004].pdf
Linder, Bruno - Thermodynamics and Introductory Statistical Mechanics [Wiley 2004].pdf
Mallet, M.J.D. & Blumler, P - Thermal & Statistical Physics [course notes].pdf
Moran, Michael J. & Tsatsaronis, George - The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering [CRC Press 2000].pdf
Moran, Michael J. - The Handbook of Mechanical Engineering - Chapter 2 Engineering Thermodynamics [CRC Press 1999].pdf
Unknown - Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers - Chapter 1 State of Equilibrium.pdf
Unknown - Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers - Chapter 2 Availability & Exergy.pdf
Unknown - Introduction to Thermodynamics with Applications.pdf
Unkown - Introduction to Thermodynamics with Applications.zip
Winterbone, D.E. - Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers [Wiley 1997] v1.pdf
ThermodynamicsWinterbone, D.E. - Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers [Wiley 1997] v2.pdf

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