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Скачать Fun & funky knitting бесплатно

Fun & funky knitting
Автор:Emma King
Название: Fun & funky knitting
Страниц: 96 pages
Издательство: Collins & Brown (22 Sep 2006)
Язык: English
ISBN-10: 1843402963
Год: 2006
Формат: jpg
Размер: 5 mb

Knitting is hot news, with Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet both admitting to picking up their needles between takes. It's easy, amazingly versatile and often very quick - but there are not many exciting patterns out there for the young and fashionable woman. This book aims to change all that. As well as covering all the basic techniques with clear, step-by-step instructions, it also includes 30 specially-designed projects for stylish items of clothing and accessories. In addition, it also has a section on using knitting to customize existing garments to create a unique new look. All the patterns are relatively easy for the beginner, and use a wide range of the interesting new yarns that are currently available.



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