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Скачать Summer Fashions in Thread Crochet бесплатно

Summer Fashions in Thread CrochetАвтор: Dannels Kristina
Название: LA Summer Fashions in Thread Crochet
Издательство: LA 4383
Год: May 13, 2005
Формат: jpg
Размер: 15 mb
Для сайта: www.mirknig.com

Booklet 36 Pages Cotton thread makes them cool and comfortable, beaded accents add flair, and the lacy tops and breezy skirt set are sure to become your warm-weather favorites. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event or relaxing on a vacation getaway, you’ll be the center of attention in these original designs, handmade by you!
6 Projects: Ripple Top with back loops and ties, for sizes Small (27”) and Medium (31”); Ripple Skirt for size Medium (29” waist, 40” hips, 18” length); Cool Breezes Top for sizes Small (30”) and Medium (34”); Halter Top, Blossom Halter Top, and Tranquility Top, each for sizes Small/Medium (A and B cups) and Large (C cup)



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