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Angels: A Knitter's DozenАвтор: Gerdine Crawford-Strong
Название: Angels: A Knitter's Dozen
Издательство: Xrx Books
Год: 2002
Формат: jpg
Размер: 2,8 mb
Для сайта: www.mirknig.com

The only hard part of knitting these angels is deciding which one to knit first; the only impossibility would be knitting just one. Whether used as holiday ornaments or for year-round decorating, the angels are equally charming when standing alone or hanging on a tree or a package. The series includes ten small angels and two large (tree-top-sized) angels. Each angel is unique, but the construction and lace patterns are simple variations on a theme so once you have knit one, the next will be even easier. And to add to their knitter-appeal, each small angel is shown as a needleworker: two knit, one holds a skein, another winds a ball; there`s a weaving angel, a crocheting angel, a spinning angel, a quilting angel. . .you get the idea. Only the two stately tree-top angels are craft-less. Their arms spread gracefully as they look down on us, not at their work. Suggestions are included for props for readers, gardeners, golfers, cooks, musicians, and other non-fiber friends. The sequence of knitting--first arms, wings, bodice, skirt, then head--lets the knitter see how the lace pattern develops and then explore what can be done with it. This popular collection first appeared as a series in Knitter`s Magazine. Clearly illustrated techniques and step-by-step blocking and finishing directions guarantee first-time success.

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