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Скачать 101 Double Ended Hook Stitches бесплатно

101 Double Ended Hook StitchesАвтор: Deborah Levyhamburg
Название: 101 Double-Ended Hook Stitches: Crochet (Crochet on the Double)
Издательство: Annie's Attic
Год: 2002
Формат: jpg
Размер: 15,5 mb
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1931171025
# ISBN-13: 978-1931171021

Included in 101 Double-Ended Hook are closely woven stitch patterns to the more open and lacy Crochenit™ stitches. A photograph of each side of the swatch demonstrates which stitches work best for reversible designs. All you need to determine is whether to make a dishcloth, place mat, afghan or a wearable garment.



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