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Скачать Romantic Looks Crochet бесплатно

10 августа 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Разная литература » Досуг и хобби | Комментариев: 0
Romantic Looks CrochetАвтор:Leisure Arts (Author)
Название: Romantic Looks Crochet
Издательство: Leisure Arts #4324
Год: May 10, 2007
Формат: Jpg
Размер: 16mb
Язык: английский
Страницы: 48
ISBN-10: 1601405995
ISBN-13: 978-1601405999
When it comes to romantic fashion, crochet shines! Open mesh work, picots, ruffles, and delicate medallions -- these details add enchantment at every turn. Maybe you've set your sights on a dramatic skirt or lacy shrug. Perhaps you simply want to whip up a trendy accessory. One look at these feminine fashions, and you'll surely fall for all these fabulous designs from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens. Enjoy!
15 designs to crochet: Flirting with Romance; Midsummer Dream; Lace Allure; Bohemian Frill; Dress with Flair; Wrapped Attention; Pink and So Pretty; Hooded Coat; Lilac and Lace; Dreamy Ruffles; Jacket Artistry; Winter Enchantments (hat, scarf, and mittens); and Shawl a-Shimmer.


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