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Скачать энциклопедия английского языка бесплатно

энциклопедия английского языка
Название: энциклопедия английского языка
Автор: David Crystal
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Формат: DJVU
Размер: 44MB
ISBN: ISBN-13: 9780521530330 | ISBN-10: 0521530334
Качество: читабельное
Язык: English
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
2nd Edition
David Crystal
Paperback (ISBN-13: 9780521530330 | ISBN-10: 0521530334)

DOI: 10.2277/0521530334

Also available in Hardback
Published September 2003
In stock (Stock level updated: 17:58 GMT, 25 January 2008)

A collection of anthologies, resource and reference books, including titles from Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley, Alex Madina, Jo Phillips and Adrian Barlow.

• The most successful general book on the English language (its past, present and future) • Packed with colour illustrations, maps, tables and graphics • Difficult concepts explained in a simple and accessible way

Prefaces; 1. Modelling English; Part I. The History of English: 2. The origins of English; 3. Old English; 4. Middle English; 5. Early Modern English; 6. Modern English; 7. World English; Part II. English Vocabulary: 8. The nature of the lexicon; 9. The sources of the lexicon; 10. Etymology; 11. The structure of the lexicon; 12. Lexical dimensions; Part III. English Grammar: 13. Grammatical mythology; 14. The structure of words; 15. Word classes; 16. The structure of sentences; Part IV. Spoken and Written English: 17. The sound system; 18. The writing system; Part V. Using English: 19. Varieties of discourse; 20. Regional variation; 21. Social variation; 22. Personal variation; 23. Electronic variation; Part VI. Learning about English: 24. Learning English as a mother tongue; 25. New ways of studying English; Appendices; Indexes.


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